The Nissan Micra Is 30! We’re As Excited As You Are

Along with the Ford Fiesta, the Nissan Micra is one of those cars that virtually everyone has driven an example of at some stage.

Whether learner vehicle, first car or cheap runaround, drivers have now had thirty years to get used to Nissan’s small hatchback, which has earned plaudits for reliability and ease of use, underrated qualities for those who simply want to get about.

To celebrate, the company is launching a range of ’30’-themed offers for Micra owners.

Micra owners with over three years under their belt can benefit from an MOT for as little as 30, and Nissan has slashed the price of consumables like tyres and wiper blades by 30 percent.

Brake pads and batteries have dropped by 30 percent too, and the new lower prices include VAT and fitting. Just swing by your local Nissan dealership to discover more.

Nissan Micra rear

Meanwhile, Nissan Micra owners will also be staging their own, ongoing tributes to the model’s thirtieth.

These include travelling at 30 mph on motorways, around blind bends and past schools at 9am and 3pm, being short by 30p when paying for their tax disc entirely in small change, and by using only third gear regardless of road speed to celebrate the car’s three decades.

The events continue with owners staging 30-mile tailbacks on Sunday afternoons, driving thirty miles to go to a supermarket because they think the prices are lower there, and generally being thirty years older than the rest of the population.

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