Nissan's Baby Pixo gets a Freshen Up

The Pixo is a small, cheap city car that has, until now, suffered from a uniquely-21st century problem: it emitted more than 100 g/km of CO2 meaning it didnt qualify for free road tax.
Nissan has remedied that now and managed to sneak n tweak to get it under the magical ton. Oh, and theyve made a couple of other changes too, just so that muttering rotters like me dont ignore it


nissan pixo rear white
Two new colours have been added to the existing six-strong palette: Glistening Grey and Midnight Purple.
Other than that it is pretty much business as usual, which means five doors and a bland, anonymous exterior, neither of which is bad, but it doesnt have the visual appeal of some of its competitors.


nissan pixo interior
I can do no better than the quote (verbatim) from the press release: The door trims around the glovebox and centre console are now black rather than grey to add a touch of class. Hmm, writing PR fluff for Nissan isnt exactly a piece of cake on days like this, is it? (Ive spared you the numerous ice-cream/99 puns, for which you should be very, very grateful.)
nissan pixo boot


The Pixos three-cylinder engine now emits 99 g/km of CO2 so owners will now enjoy free road tax, exemption from the London Congestion Charge, and lower running costs with up to 55.4mpg being possible according to official fuel consumption results.
Nissan claim to have achieved the 4 g/km reduction through aerodynamic tweaks and alterations to the engines tune; we suspect it involved more of the latter than the former

Worth knowing

nissan pixo white side
You now get a free auto-dimming interior mirror. No, seriously, you do. Now, form an orderly queue please


The range starts at 7,250 for the Visia manual and rises to 8,250 for the n-tec manual. If you want an automatic gearbox (only available with n-tec trim) youll need to fork out another 900.


nissan pixo night
The Pixo recently came second from bottom in the 2012 JD Power and Associates and What Car? Magazine customer satisfaction survey. It also gets a poor carwow score; add the two together and its hard to recommend Nissans budget city car.
If you are determined to buy one then these changes do make the Pixo a bit more palatable but we would strongly recommend that you give it a swerve and buy a Hyundai i10 or a Skoda Citigo instead.
The Pixo is no longer on sale. We'd recommend checking out the new Nissan Micra instead.
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