Nissan improves the already incredible GT-R

The GT-R has been a hit since it launched, now Nissan have let their engineers at it again. Theyve slightly changed the styling of it, squeezed more power out the engine and tweaked the suspension. We take a look at just how much its changed.
The blue car in the photos is the new GT-R, and the red one the older version. See if you can spot the difference!

Design Changes

The new one:

The old one:

old Nissan GT-R

The exterior design changes are fairly subtle, youd be forgiven if you couldnt immediately spot the differences.

The most obvious clue is the new LED horizontal lights, which serves as daytime running light s (small headlights that are on all the time).
The front grille and bumper are also slightly enlarged, to make it more slippery through the air and increasing downforce.
The changes to the back of it are so subtle that even the geekiest car enthusiasts would struggle to spot the difference. Basically the exhausts are slightly larger and theres a slightly re-designed lower bumper.
Inside there is a new surround to the sat-nav screen, slight material changes and a choice of two different seats.

Mechanical Changes

2011 Nissan GT-R engine

No one ever thought the GT-R was slow, but now theyve somehow made it even faster.

The original 3.8 litre V6 engine remains, but theyve fiddled with it so it now produces 530 PS, up from 480. Torque has also increased, now at 612nM, up from 588nM. Fuel economy has also improved, mainly thanks to a new exhaust system.

No word yet on the 0-60 time, but expect it to drop by a couple tenths of a second.

The suspension settings have been modified, and larger brakes have been fitted to cope with the performance improvements.

Lighter wheels will also improved performance, theyve got new coats of rubber too, new Dunlop tyres will improve grip.


One of the key selling points to the GT-R is that, comparatively, its a absolute bargain. To match the kind of performance the Nissan offers, you could easily spend twice as much money.

This new GT-R naturally has a slight price increase, up from 59,945 to 69,950.

This new price includes the upcoming 20% VAT, and the standard specification is generous. Included is the automatic gearbox, Bose stereo system, sat-nav, iPod and phone connections and individual air-con.


Although the changes might not sound like a great deal on paper, we reckon that the resulting car will feel like a brand new model. The GT-R engineers have a habit of exceeding expectations.

Come back soon and we should have some reviews of this new version. We can’t wait to see what effect it will have on the Nissan’s buzzScore!

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