Peugeot’s Hot 308 R Concept Races In To Frankfurt

While on the one hand, Peugeot is chasing emissions with their HYbrid concepts, they’ve not forgotten their motorsports roots.

As a celebration of the upcoming replacement for the 308, Peugeot has taken the engine from its bonkers RCZ R and stuffed it into the new car to create this fearsome-looking hot hatch.

With the 270hp punch developed by Peugeot Sport driving the front wheels, the 308’s potential is reigned in by a Torsen Limited Slip Differential to ensure the power goes where it’s needed. Meaty 380mm discs and four-pot calipers help haul the car up from eye-watering speeds.

As with the RCZ R before it, the 308 R has been aesthetically beefed up from the standard model. A reworked front end serves both to cool that 170 horsepower-per-litre engine and lend it a more aggressive look. Overall the car has been lowered by just over an inch, while the arches have been widened to fit large 19″ wheels.

With signature red R badging in as many places as decency will allow rounding off the look, it’d be tough to mistake the 308 R for anything else.

But then the R isn’t quite an evolution of the 308 form. It shares surprisingly little externally with the 308, with doors, front wings, the body sides and sills, bonnet and bumpers being bespoke parts made from carbonfibre. Still, these parts are just skin deep and screwed onto the frame – a production version made from less exotic materials to keep the price sane is a distinct possibility.


The 308R may just be a concept car for now but it appears just as production ready as any concept – carbonfibre clothing aside. Peugeot’s RCZ R should be going on sale next year and the 308R could follow it.

Whether it hits full production or not, it provides a a teaser to whet the appetite for the new 308 and a glimpse of warmed-up Peugeots to come.

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