Porsche’s Tacky Chinese Edition 911

Porsche are celebrating 10 years in China with this rather gaudy gold special edition 911 Turbo S. This limited edition features a unique Gold Bronze paintjob and is garnished with generous swathes of carbon fibre.

Porsche first started selling cars in China in 2002, when it sold just 27 cars. Last year was slightly more successful, with nearly 14,000 sold.

Turbo S Chinese Edition

This anniversary model is based on a 911 Turbo S, so is capable of 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and 195mph. Inside the Chinese Edition has a black leather and Alcantara interior with gold stitching. The exterior boasts a carbon fibre clad bonnet, black headlight surrounds along with matte black alloys.

Porsche China Limited Edition plaque

Its probably our least favourite 911 special edition ever, but the Chinese market obviously like it. All ten models have been sold already, despite the rumoured price tag of $550,000.

Gold Bronze 911 Chinese Edition

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