New Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Engine Doesn't Seem to Offer Much More

If youve ever thought about buying an Audi Q7 but were deterred by its profligate fuel consumption youll be pleased to hear that it is now available with a new fuel-optimised 3.0 TDI V6 diesel engine, a 204PS version first seen in the Audi A6.
The seven-seat SUV has always been a premium family car but it does suffer from a larger carbon-footprint than most car buyers would like, something Audi have tried to address by altering the engine tune of the existing 3.0 TDI 245PS version; with ths new 204PS engine returning up to 39mpg (official figures) with a CO2 output of 189g/km.
The top speed is 127 mph and acceleration is brisk rather than fast with 62 mph coming up in 9.1 seconds (the older, more powerful engines stats are 135mph and 8.1 seconds respectively). Four-wheel-drive gives outstanding traction on the road, ensuring that owners can remain mobile in even the worst conditions and the adjustable-height suspension gives a measure of off-road performance too.
Four trim levels are available - Standard, SE, S line and new S line Plus and the on-the-road prices now start at 39,995 for the base model rising to 49,120 for the top-of-the-range S line Plus.


The Q7 is an enormous four-wheel-drive SUV and will never have a small carbon footprint, but Audi has made it slightly more economical and gone some way to assuaging their owners guilt.
Performance has, as youd expect, been affected by fitting a detuned engine, and keen drivers might find that the performance has been blunted a bit too much for their liking in the quest to save just 1mpg, while the cost of road tax remains unaltered. Prices too have only dropped slightly too, by around 1,000. It's a slightly odd new engine for the Q7, which on paper doesn't appear to offer much difference over the current equivalent.
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