Range Rover Evoque - Stylish SUV Gets Black Design Pack

The Evoque has been an unbridled success for Land Rover. By taking concept car styling and putting it on the road virtually unchanged, the car has become an instant style icon.

Throw in the desirable Range Rover badge, good performance and economy and a luxurious cabin, and buyers from Hoxton to Harrogate are queueing around the corner for them. There's still a waiting list, even two years after launch.

For those whose Evoque must be even more of a style statement, Range Rover launched the Black Design Pack at the Geneva Motor Show.

Range Rover Evoque Black Design side

Available on Dynamic-spec Evoques, the Black Design Pack adds 20-inch, 9-spoke forged alloy wheels, in a gloss black finish not previously offered on the Evoque.

Chrome and metal exterior finishes are replaced with gloss black inserts to add contrast to the Evoque's lines, while darkened front headlights and fog lamps enhance the two-tone finish further. Rear lamps too now have a clear finish, rather than the standard red. Even the traditional Range Rover lettering on the bonnet and tailgate is finished in Santorini Black, rather than the typical burnished metal.

The Evoque Special Edition, on which the Black Design Pack originated, is also still on sale.

Range Rover Evoque Black Design bumper

Available in both Coupe and 5-door body styles, the Special Edition can be specified in either Sicilian Yellow with a Santorini Black roof, or Santorini Black with a Sicilian yellow roof. Yellow contrast stitching adorns the seats, and the dash features an anodised yellow insert.

Evoque engine choices include 150 PS and 190 PS 2.2-litre diesels (with front-wheel drive and a manual transmission on the eD4 model) and a 240 PS Si4 petrol engine. Up to 58 mpg is possible in the eD4.

Priced from: Not yet announced (Dynamic models start at 38,795)
Available from: April

Range Rover Evoque Black Design light


The Range Rover Evoque is already highly customisable, but the Black Design Pack will be a welcome option for customers looking for something just a little less showy. The Evoque's reign as a style icon isn't set to end any time soon...
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