Twizy Renault Sport F1 Concept - City Cars Just Got Scary

Somewhere inside the doors of Renault's development centre in France, there is a sign saying "You dun't 'ave to be mad to work 'ere, but it 'elps".

We can't say this for sure, but there's plenty of evidence to suggest it's the case. It's the only way to explain the company's back-catalogue of ludicrous concepts and production cars.

Take the Renault Avantime, for example. Or the luxury Vel Satis. Then there have been a couple of generations of Clio V6 and the older Renault 5 Turbo 2 - shopping cars with mid-mounted engines.

Renault Espace F1

And of course, there's the Espace F1. Back in 1994, when Renault's engines were dominating Formula 1 racing - not unlike today in fact - the company dropped its 850 horsepower, 3.5-litre V10 from the Williams FW15C F1 car into the Espace MPV.

The company's latest concept is no less crazy. Perhaps more so in fact, since its starting point is already a bit loopy - the Renault Twizy electric city car.

What Renault Sport F1 has done is taken the 80 horsepower Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) electric motor from its F1 vehicles, and jury-rigged it to the Twizy's normal 17 bhp motor.

Renault Twizy F1 side

97 horsepower in a Twizy. That's a six-fold boost, and allows it to reach 62 mph in the same time as a Megane Renaultsport 265 - 6 seconds. Top speed climbs too, from the Twizy's hard-earned 50 mph to a breezy 68 mph.

Not that the Megane 265 driver will be entirely surprised - the F1-inspired Twizy is less than subtle.

A Formula Renault 3.5 single-seater has donated its fat tyres and button-festooned steering wheel, while F1-style front and rear wings and large side skirts provide the Twizy with downforce. Well, they look like they do, anyway...

Renault Twizy F1 rear

A Renault Sport colour scheme and interior detailing nicely rounds things off, though sadly you won't be taking any passengers for a ride with this Twizy - the rear seat has been sacrificed to the gods of performance.

Priced from: Somewhere between a Twizy and an F1 car
Available from: Never!

Renault Twizy F1 top


You're unlikely to see one of these terrorising London any time soon, but you will be able to see it in the UK this summer when it whirrs near-silently up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. If that's not worth visiting Goodwood for, we don't know what is...

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