Six And Over: Renaultsport Twingo

We’ve recently been going all weak at the knees over the prospect of an all-new rear-engined and rear-wheel drive Renault Twingo. But then, any self-respecting petrolhead should be getting excited over news like this.

But with the new Twingo still someway off, it’s easy to forget that the current Renaultsport Twingo remains on sale and that it’s a cracking little pocket rocket.

The half-pint hero burst onto the scene some five years ago, neatly slotting into the Renaultsport stable, which already contained a pair of thoroughbreds in the shape of the Clio and the Mgane.

Since then, a total of 1,203 Renaultsport Twingos have found new homes, a figure that will only increase to 1,209. And that’s because there are just SIX of the tiny terrors left to buy. That’s right – six.

Which is actually a bit of a shame. With the Renaultsport Clio going all turbocharged and flappy-paddled, the Twingo is the last bastion of the normally aspirated breed of Renaultsport cars. It truly is the end of an era.

Aside from the really-rather-good Suzuki Swift Sport, the Renaultsport Twingo is arguably the most retro pocket box of delights you can buy. Its 133hp, 1.6-litre engine will rev to 6,750rpm and although this doesn’t sound like a huge amount of power, the Twingo only weighs a featherweight 1,050kg.

RenaultSport Twingo rear

It spawned some special editions, too. Like the hardcore Silverstone GP or the Gordini. And yet there’s no fanfare for the final models. No last-of-the-line fancy bits or frivolity. Just the knowledge that you bought into a dying breed. We’re unlikely to see the likes of this particular Twingo ever again.

Priced from: 13,995

Available from: Now


We won’t dishonour the little Twingo by speculating over its replacement – that would be unfair.

But we will suggest that you head down to your local Renault dealer and think about rescuing of the six delightfully dirty half-dozen that remains. Thanks for the memories, little Twingo.

For more, head over to our full guide to the Renaultsport Twingo, with reviews, user reviews, stats, photos and videos.

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