Revised Volkswagen Tiguan – What’s Different?

Volkswagen have released photos of the 2011 facelifted Tiguan. The revised styling certainly adds to the appeal of the Tiguan, we take a look at what has changed.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is an excellent small SUV that gets impressive reviews. For the 2011 model, VW have updated both the interior and exterior styling.

By comparing the old car and the new car side-by-side you can see what the differences are.

The front of the revised Tiguan:

The front of the older Tiguan:

The wider grill and more defined air intakes give a more aggressive look to the new Tiguan. The smart new LED day time running lights also make the car look more modern.

The back of the revised Tiguan:

Revised Tiguan back

The back of the older Tiguan:

Old Tiguan Back

There isnt a huge amount of difference at the back, mainly just more angular brake lights and a shorter aeriel.

The interior of the revised Tiguan:

2011 Tiguan interior

The interior of the older Tiguan:

Old Tiguan interior

There are slight changes in the interior, with stylish new dials, a sportier steering wheel and new controls for the heater and air-con.

These design changes arent dramatic, but do freshen up the Tiguan and make it look a lot more modern.

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