Rolls-Royce Phantom Facelift - What's Different?

The Phantom is one of the most luxurious cars on sale and its latest facelift by maker Rolls-Royce is understandably a subtle one. But emissions are down, economy is up and intriguingly, it features a new type of headlight. Step this way sir


The Phantom is an imposing car it should be at nearly six metres long and the updates to the styling dont change this. Although subtle, the facelift brings new lights and restyled bumpers.
2012 Phantom Facelift
The biggest change is to the lights, which are now rectangular, and the bumpers vents echo their shape. The lights themselves are quite special they are the first full LED headlamps to be included as standard on a production car.
Phantom Coupe 2012
Aside from looking quite cool, these headlights offer a brighter, whiter light and allow a number of technologies to be included. Adaptive headlamps automatically change the shape of the beam projected onto the road, depending on driving speeds, and the headlights can also respond to steering input to light up the road ahead whilst cornering.
Phantom Drophead 2012


The only updates to the interior are improvements to the electronic gadgets and toys. You now get a larger 8.8 inch screen on the dashboard, with the controls for the multi-media redesigned.
Phantom Facelift interior
The satellite navigation is improved with 3D maps, guided tours and points of interests. There are now reversing cameras front and rear and you can even see a top down view of your Rolls-Royce sliding into its parking space vital with such a huge car.