SEAT Exeo Ecomotive: Five Things You Need to Know

Think of the SEAT Exeo as an Audi A4 in some fancy Spanish clothes andyou begin to understand what a bargain it is. An Audi for distinctlynon-Audi prices.
However, value aside it lacks a real unique selling point, and theresabout as much Auto Emocion (to use the firms old slogan) as youdexpect from the dour, usually silver-painted German saloon whichdonated its body to the Spanish brand.
Can a low-CO2 Ecomotive model jazz up the rapidly ageing Exeo?Probably not, but at only 30 a year for road tax (click here for tax free cars), you cant ask toomuch. Here are five salient points weve absorbed from the pressrelease.

1. Ecomotive is the way forward

It may not be as exciting as the Cupra branding found on the spiciestSEATs, but with low road tax and company car tax figures, SEAT expectsfour in ten models sold this year to carry an Ecomotive badge.
Before, that would have been the perfect recipe for depression, butEcomotive branding is now available in a selection of trim levels,which on the Exeo means you can specify the contradictory-soundingEcomotive Sport Tech.

2. Eco tweaks

Not a lot gives away the Ecomotive as an eco model, but its had theobligatory changes to improve economy, including low rollingresistance tyres, a stop-start system, and an unspecified EnergyRecovery system which recovers energy. Or something. It even gets16-inch alloy wheels, rather than apologetic steel wheels with covers.As youll read below, the benefits are there for the taking.

3. Low CO2, naturally

Its not unusual to find a wheezing 1.6-litre engine in eco-badgedsaloons these days, so the Exeo Ecomotives 2.0-litre unit comes as asurprise. Its available in 120 and 143 PS states of tune, but bothreturn a useful 62.8mpg on the combined cycle, and emit only 117g/kmof CO2. That puts them in tax band C (30 a year) and company driverswill pay Benefit In Kind tax of 17%.

4. Its well-equipped

Even the base-model Exeo Ecomotive S comes with plenty of kit. Inaddition to the aforementioned 16-inch alloy wheels, S models also getdual-zone climate control, cruise control, voice-activated Bluetooth,and a multi-function steering wheel.
SE and Sport models get even more, including rain-sensing wipers,automatic headlights, parking sensors and a leather steering wheel.Sport gets sports front seats (presumably nothing to do with theOlympics, otherwise theyd get fined), LED daytime running lights, andmore.

5. Two bodystyles

Thought it couldnt get any more exciting? You were wrong! Not onlycan you specify Ecomotive spec with varying trim levels, but you cando all that on the Exeo ST (estate, to you and me) as well.
So if you want a sporty, economical, ex-Audi saloon or estate with aSpanish badge and plenty of kit, your dream car might just havearrived. Pricing starts at an entirely reasonable 20,040 on the road,and its available to order now.
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