SEAT Mii UK Prices Announced

SEATs Mii is the Spanish cousin to the German up!, and is blessed with the same attributes and drawbacks.
The experts agree that its cheap to buy, cheap to run, and reasonably good to drive; is that enough to make it a great buy though?


The long wheelbase and short overhangs conspire to make the Mii look squat and nippy, neither of which are bad traits in a city car.
SEAT Mii rear
If you squint you can see that the rear indicators seem to point in the direction that the car will turn; other than that its an unremarkable design. Not a bad one, mind, just unremarkable.


There are four trim levels: S, Ecomotive, SE, and Sport. The S is available with or without air-con, and features black plastic door handles and mirrors and retro steel wheels on the outside and a CD player, power steering, and an adjustable steering wheel. The S models are only available with the least powerful engine.
SEAT Mii interior
The 59bhp Ecomotive is the green option, and as well as stop/start and brake recuperation systems it gets electric windows, body-colour exterior plastic, wheel trims, remote locking, and more flexible seating.
The SE adds 14 alloy wheels, electric heated door mirrors, a leather steering wheel, and a gloss white dashboard panel. The top-of-the-range Sport includes 15 alloy wheels, tinted glass, front fog lights, darker upholstery, and trim highlights. Both the Sport and Ecomotive feature a lowered ride height.
Mii Screen


The three-cylinder, 1.0-litre engine comes with either 59bhp or 74bhp, with CO2 outputs ranging from 96g/km for the Ecomotive to 108g/km for the Sport. No diesel option will be offered, although with fuel economy figures of up to 67.3mpg few will miss one.
This engine is gaining some very positive reviews from the experts, although they do point out that it is better for urban use than on the open road!
SEAT Mii side

Worth knowing

The Ecomotive engine is so fuel efficient – thanks to its stop/start and brake recuperation systems – that it is exempt from both the London Congestion Charge and annual road tax. If you are thinking of buying a Mii then this is probably the pick-of-the-range; after all, a city car might as well be as cheap as possible to run!
SEAT Mii wheel


Prices start at 7,845 for the entry-level, three-door 59bhp Mii S rising to 9,925 for the top-of-the-range 74bhp Mii Sport. An SE with an auto box and 74bhp will cost you 10,335.
Available from: Available to order now, with deliveries starting in June for UK customers.


SEAT is widely regarded as the sporty Latin arm of the VW Group and as a result the Mii should do very well among younger car buyers. It also undercuts the VW up! by quite a margin, which will give other buyers an interesting alternative to consider too.
If you are looking at small, economical cars then the Mii is well worth a look, as is the up!, the Fiat 500, and the Kia Picanto.

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