Got Kids? SEAT Young Driver To Run Driving Skills Event

The statistics make for grim reading - in the first few years after taking their driving test, a young driver is at hugely greater risk of being killed or seriously injured in a road accident than drivers over 25.

Age 18 is the highest-risk, with over 1,000 killed or seriously injured casualties per million population in 2011, according to government statistics. By age 25, that's dropped to 600 per million, and little over 400 per million for a driver in their 40s.

A combination of inexperience, youthful exuberance and myriad distractions all contribute to the yearly casualties.

The latter two are harder to mitigate, but SEAT's Young Driver program can help 11-17 year-olds prepare for life on the roads before they ever get near a public road.

The scheme began in October 2009 and over 60,000 young drivers have taken the course, learning driving basics before their 17th birthday. SEAT's statistics show that 9 percent of Young Driver students crash within the first six months of driving for real - which doesn't sound great, until you realise the national average is 20 percent.

For youngsters with three lessons under their belt already, SEAT has announced an April Driving Skills event to teach a wider range of skills.

Priced at 95 and taking place at the Prodrive proving ground in Warwick on April 21, the half-day course will put your child's skills to the test behind the wheel of the program's SEAT Mii, Ibiza and Ibiza ST models.

Young drivers will experience ABS braking on wet, snowy and icy roads, braking and avoidance manoeuvres and an ESP demonstration, motorway driving on the main test track, a steering skills test and an interactive short talk on safe driving.

Professional driving instructors and a Road Safety Advisor from West Mercia and Warwickshire police will be on hand to instruct and offer advice.


The April Driving Skills event is only open to those with three SEAT Young Driver lessons already completed, and interested parties can get a 10 percent discount by booking early on 0844 371 9010 quoting discount code DS10.

For parents of children not yet enrolled in SEAT's driving program, you can find out more on the Young Driver website. You never know - it might just give your child the extra experience they need to escape their first years of driving unscathed.

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