Mitsubishi Shogun Black Unveiled

Mitsubishi UK has released a limited edition version of their tough off-roader, the Shogun Black. The upgrades comprise a satin black styling kit including 20 alloy wheels, roof, spoiler, wing mirrors, grille and headlamp bezels, fog lamp surrounds, door handles and side steps. Its available in five colours: black, silver, white and red, and rather more unusually, metallic brown
Potential buyers will now be wondering if this is enough to tip them from being curious to actually writing the cheque. Well, the price premium for the Shogun Black is 1,000, and youll have to pay 540 on top of that if you want one of the metallic colours. That means that youll be paying at least 43,000 for your Shogun, which is far too much for a vehicle that is outclassed in too many areas.
The Shogun is tough as old boots and Mitsubishi has sold millions of them. Owners love them too, with 70 per cent opting to replace their old one with a new model, so its reliability and off-road ability arent in question - its just that it isnt that great on the road, so the gaudy trinkets and baubles that make up the Shogun Black dont really suit it in our opinion.
Our advice is to stay with the basic model if youre tempted to buy a Shogun (and for some people they might make absolute sense) and pay as little as possible. Oh, and opt for the Mitsubishi Service Plan, which covers the first three scheduled services (every 9,000 miles or 12 months), for 750 and youll have three years of trouble and worry-free motoring.

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