Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo TECH Estate – Pricing and Specs

“A Skoda? Badged ‘Monte Carlo’? I know they’re making pretty good cars these days but isn’t that pushing it a little?…”

We know what you’re thinking. But the link is there – the Fabia Monte Carlo launched not so long ago celebrate’s Skoda’s varied successes in international rallying with its Fabia S2000 car. And with the Monte Carlo rally being one of the world’s most famous… well, you can fill in the blanks.

The new TECH Estate takes that familiar template, with Fabia vRS-like styling and neat little Monte Carlo Rally badges on the flanks, and adds a bunch of extra kit.

That means Admundsen satellite navigation and Bluetooth join the kit list, alongside large alloy wheels, gloss black wheelarch and grille detailing and a natty set of sports seats inside.

Engine choice is split into two – a 105 PS 1.2 TSI petrol, and a similarly powerful 1.6 TDI diesel.

The former is the performance choice, with a 0-62 run of just over 10 seconds, while the latter hits back with 67.3 mpg combined economy and road tax of just 20 per year. Even the petrol does 54 mpg though, while the diesel is just a second slower to 60 than its revvier sibling.

Pricing is competitive too. The 1.2 will set you back 12,575, and the diesel just 13,545. Both are significantly cheaper than existing models with those engines, and supply is limited – so get one while you can.

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