Skoda Fabia Reaction Special Edition - UK Pricing & Details

It's hard to believe that the neat little Fabia is now one of the oldest vehicles in Skoda's range.

We've had brand new models like the Rapid, Octavia and Citigo debut in the last few years, and even the Yeti and Superb are fresher than Skoda's supermini.

If deals like the Fabia Reaction continue though, Skoda won't have any trouble shifting them until the new Fabia arrives in the next few years. Get in quick, and you can get 3,715 off Skoda's latest special edition, the Fabia Reaction.

That means for just 9,690, your Meteor Grey and Comet Black-painted Fabia comes with equipment such as 16-inch black alloy wheels, air conditioning, a leather three-spoke steering wheel and darkened glass.

It sporty looks may convince you there's a fire-breathing turbocharged lump sitting under the bonnet, but sadly this isn't the case.

Instead, you get a modest 69 PS 1.2-litre 12v unit, which potters to 62 mph in 14.9 seconds.

Ah well, at least it gets 51.4 mpg, and you'll struggle to find better value in the class these days. The Fabia is growing old gracefully...

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