Skoda Octavia Estate – Simply Clever, Simply Big

Okay, here’s the deal: We appreciate that the new Skoda Octavia Estate isn’t the most interesting vehicle in the world.

But you’ll be glad of knowing about it if you have a family or business and need a new car. And if you stick with us to the end, we promise the next news story will be about the new Bentley Flying Spur. Deal? Excellent.

You’ll already know just how useful the Octavia Estate is with the amount of battered and bruised examples in the classified ads that are still going strong.

After Volvo started making curvy, stylish wagons, the Octavia became the go-to choice for no-nonsense estate car buyers. We were rather fond of the Greenline II version we drove last year.

You might even say the new Octavia Estate is stylish itself, in a suitably restrained, Germanic sort of way. Skoda’s new design language isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s tasteful and modern, and shouldn’t date too quickly.

Skoda Octavia Hatchback

The front is identical to the hatchback, so we’ve included a picture for reference above. The back is different, so we’ve included pictures of that too. It’s also 90mm longer and 45mm wider than the old car, and the 610-litre boot eclipses that of its already-cavernous predecessor.

With the seats down, that extends to 1,740 litres. Octavia Estate-owning harbour masters will be pleased to know the front passenger seat also folds, increasing the chances of being able to stow their barge poles. Other stereotypically long objects should also fit.

Skoda has included plenty of its “Simply Clever” features, including a double-sided boot floor mat (rubber one side, carpet the other), a luggage net, bag hooks, a waste bin, bottle holders, an ice scraper in the fuel filler door and a warning vest in a drawer under the driver’s seat.

There’s more – roof bars are standard, as is a retractable luggage cover, and you get a coat rack and a remote fold-down function for the rear seats.

Under the bonnet you’ll find all the Octavia’s normal engines, meaning two petrol and two diesel models. A Greenline will be available soon, with free road tax and economy of up to 83.1 mpg. At Geneva, where the Octavia Estate debuts, an all-wheel drive model will also be announced.

Priced from: Not yet announced

Available from: Not yet announced

Skoda Octavia Estate


With the biggest boot in its class, handsome looks and a host of new practical and technological features, the Octavia Estate will once again become the default no-nonsense choice for estate car buyers on a budget. Only this time, they’re getting a car even more usable than its predecessor.
Pricing should be announced soon, as should a release date, and we’ll bring you the news when it hits. There! You’ve made it to the end. Stay tuned for some Bentley news…

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