Skoda Vision C Concept – Geneva Motor Show Gallery

Skoda’s Vision C concept was probably one of our stars of the Geneva Motor Show. It’s comfortably the most dramatic concept yet from Skoda, and one we sorely hope will inspire the company’s future products.

Skoda Vision C ftq high

In size, the Vision C is similar to Skoda’s Superb, but that’s where the similarities end. In reality, the concept is closer to Audi’s A7 Sportback than it is any existing Skoda.

Skoda Vision C rtq low

Lime green paint wouldn’t be everyone’s choice but the hue alone made it stand out among the duller shades chosen by other manufacturers for their new products and concepts.

Skoda Vision C rear side

The Vision C is long, low and sharply-styled, with a dramatic “tornado line” running along its flanks and forming the edge of the clamshell bonnet.

Skoda Vision C tornado line

The headlights are far angrier than we’ve seen from other Skodas, and while they may not reach production in quite that form, they give the car a unique frontal signature that looks right at home alongside Skoda’s more traditional family grille.

Skoda Vision C front

In side profile the A7 connection is most apparent, but if anything it’s the Skoda that touts the crisper lines. You also catch more of the Vision C’s tail lights, which wrap around the side and end in a sharply defined point on the tail.

Skoda Vision C side

We’ve heard of shark-nosed cars but the Vision C almost has a shark tail, the upper edge of the bootlid shadowing the number plate recess in a more pronounced vision of Skoda’s current triangular motif. The current C-shaped rear lights found on Skodas are only implied here, between the main tail light units and extra lights low down on the bumper.

Skoda Vision C rear detail

Sadly, we couldn’t take a peek inside the Vision C, but the layout is an evolution of Skoda’s current cabins. The seats are thinner, the dashboard design typically concept-car simple, and major details are picked out in beautiful etched glass – found on the centre console, steering wheel spokes and more.Even Skoda’s badge has been formed from crystal, finishing a luxurious look unheard of in Skodas until now.

Skoda Vision C corner

We’d like Skoda to keep providing the value its current products do, but if the company’s design language is heading in the Vision C’s direction, you’ll not here us complaining. Scroll down for more photos from the Geneva show.

Skoda Vision C front detail

Skoda Vision C front wing

Skoda Vision C ftq

Skoda Vision C front

Skoda Vision C front high

Skoda Vision C model

Skoda Vision C nearside

Skoda Vision C rtq

Skoda Vision C rear light

Skoda Vision C wheels

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