Want A Cheaper Audi A7? So Does Skoda


What am I looking at?

Skoda‘s latest concept car, known as the VisionC. It’s being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

What’s new?

All of it, though Skoda’s previous concept vehicles have eventually resulted in production equivalents in various states of fidelity.

With the VisionC, Skoda is hinting at a more design-led, upmarket take on the saloon car, and Skoda’s designers have clearly been keeping a close eye on Volkswagen Group partners Audi as the result looks very much like the A7 Sportback. This is not, we have to say, a bad thing – the A7 is a fantastic looking car and not as generic as some other models in the Audi range.

Skoda VisionC Concept rear angle

Anything interesting under the bonnet?

Indeed there is. No concept car these days is complete without some form of fuel-efficient engine, and the VisionC gives you a dual-fuel petrol and natural gas-powered (CNG) 1.4-litre unit. With around 109 horsepower it isn’t massively endowed but it’s certainly efficient, and pumps out only 91 grams of CO2 every kilometre on CNG. If our sums are correct, that’s around 59 mpg combined.

Anything else?

Skoda says the VisionC “[signals] the next stage in the evolution of Skoda’s design language”. The subtext here is that we might not see a car identical to the VisionC emerging from Skoda over the next few years, but cars inspired by it will certainly be coming – perhaps the eventual Skoda Superb replacement will take on some of the VisionC’s sleek lines.

Skoda VisionC Concept front

What are the alternatives?

Since Skoda isn’t making it there aren’t any real alternatives, though if it was on the market the obvious answer is the aforementioned Audi A7. Though you’d pay a few pennies more for one of those than you would a Skoda. Ditto the Volkswagen CC and maybe the new BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe – all offering different takes on the design-led, upmarket car concept.

In a line:

Skodabuilds an Audi A7.

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