Smart Forjeremy - Your Guess Is As Good As Ours

A bit of mild craziness isn't beyond maker of diminutive city cars, Smart.

Remember the Crossblade, for instance? Take a regular Smart Fortwo and then cut the roof and windscreen off it, strip away some of the bodywork and cover the interior with waterproof materials. Then sell the first example to Robbie Williams.

There have been a few other unusual concepts here and there, but the company has excelled itself with the Forjeremy.

No, not Clarkson, though we're sure the big man will comment on it at some stage. In this instance, the bewinged creation you see here is the work of fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

Smart Forjeremy front

Now call us big ol' cynics, but we're always slightly suspicious when a fashion designer is drafted in to lend their hand to car design - because it's invariably awful. Actual car designers tend to sprinkle their creations with a dusting of usability so the end product is both stylish and functional.

But when fashion designers tackle cars the same approach they do when sending a waif-like model down the catwalk wearing a bin liner, one lime green earring and transparent pants, which is why the Smart you see here wears enormous wings, like the sandals of an ancient Greek god.

More worrying still, someone at Smart forgot to stop humouring the poor sap and the design has inexplicably flown through the concept stage and into production.

Yep, Smart will actually make a limited number of Forjeremy models, based on both Coupe and Convertible versions of the Fortwo.

Smart Forjeremy interior

Luckily, the engineers have got their way at some stage and insisted the Forjeremy gets the Fortwo's best power units, meaning both standard and BRABUS versions of the Electric Drive powertrain are available, as well as the petrol BRABUS 101-horsepower unit. These will make it fun to drive, and allow you to escape quickly from anyone who may recognise you.

Inside the Forjeremy is furnished with plenty of white leather trim, which is more tasteful than it sounds. Floormats are inscribed with the name of the person who ruined the exterior.

Priced from: 28,400 (BRABUS petrol), 29,600 (Electric Drive)
Available from: No plans for UK sales...

Smart Forjeremy mat


We've a soft spot for the Fortwo here at carwow, but it's getting on a little these days. Our main beef with the Forjeremy is that it seems little more than a needless, hugely expensive distraction before the much-needed next generation Fortwo arrives - in theory, some time next year. Turf out the daft designer, Smart, and bring us a new city car!

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