Smart Fortwo Grandstyle Special Edition – Details & Prices

What am I looking at?

The new Smart Fortwo Grandstyle Edition.

Anything new?

If by some mysterious quirk in the space-time continuum you’ve managed to miss one of the eight billion previous special edition Fortwos (most recently, the BoConcept, Cityflame, Edition21 and Forjeremy), you’ve got another chance with its latest offering.

Based on the Fortwo Passion, you get 15-inch alloys, titanium-coloured surrounds to the headlamps, black Artico (leatherette) upholstery, and a 6.5-inch touchscreen nav system. Coupe models get a panoramic glass roof, and convertibles get… well, a convertible top.

What powers it?

You’ve a choice of Smart’s two standard petrol powerplants – the 71-horsepower “mhd” (stop-start, basically) and the 84-hp turbocharged one. The former manages 65.7 mpg and a 13.7-second 0-60 sprint, the latter 57.6 mpg and a peppier 10.7-second schlep to 60.

Smart Fortwo Grandstyle interior

The mhd also gets free VED, while you’ll pay 30 a year for the turbocharged car. Neither will cost much to fuel or run then, and Smart insurance tends to be quite cheap too.

Anything else?

You should probably be aware that a new Fortwo is on the way in 2015 – it’s likely to improve on the current car in almost every way.

What’s it gonna cost me?

Refreshingly little. If you buy on finance, and most do, the mhd coupe will cost you 99 a month at 0%, the 84-hp car 109 a month. Smart quotes a 1,499 deposit for the former, and a purchase payment of 4,490 at the end of 36 months.

In bare numbers, the basic Grandstyle costs 10,330, and the 84-hp car is 11,125. The equivalent Cabriolet models are 11,830 and 12,150 respectively.

Smart Fortwo Grandstyle alt

Any alternatives?

Dozens, as usual. We’d advise heading to carwow’s Car Chooser, adjusting the price slider between 6,000 and 11,000 or so, and going nuts. Of particular note are the Volkswagen Up and new Hyundai i10, though the upcoming Peugeot 108, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo may be worth waiting for.

In a line:

The latest special edition Smart. But probably not the last.

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