Subaru Forester: Go-Anywhere Estate's Pricing Revealed

There was a time that Subaru's Forester was the default choice for anyone seeking an all-weather estate vehicle.

Reliable, practical and capable of handling the odd snow storm or rutted track, they fast became a favourite of the country set, working hard on farms and estates across the land.

We're now on the fourth generation Forester and much has changed - it's not only a more refined proposition than those first cars, but the competition has stepped up too. Skoda Yetis and Dacia Dusters have muscled in on Subaru's previously exclusive territory - but for some, the original will always be best.

The original is competitively priced too, starting at 24,995. Unusually in this class it's a diesel kicking off the range, and a cracking engine it is too - you can read our thoughts in our recent Subaru Forester review. That price gets you a Forester in X spec, full details of which will be revealed in April.

XC and X Premium models are also available with the diesel engine, for 26,995 and 28,995 respectively. Unfortunately, Subaru still hasn't found a way of matching an automatic gearbox to its boxer diesel engine.

For preferrers of petrol, a 2.0-litre model in XE trim starts at 25,495. Petrol models are available with automatic gearboxes, and another 1,500 gets you a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Spend 500 again at 27,495 and XE Premium trim becomes available, to which you can add another 1,500 for the CVT. Topping the range is the XT with CVT, at 30,995.

Subaru promises improved fuel efficiency, lower CO2 and better safety and equipment on all models. For performance fans, a 240 PS turbocharged engine is also on the way...

Priced from: 24,995
Available from: May


In our recent Forester review we described it as a rugged, dependable companion rather than a flashy one; Ranulph Fiennes rather than Victoria Beckham, and the new model should be more of the same. Whether that'll be enough to bolster Subaru's slow sales in the face of increasing competition is another story...

For more information check out our full summary of the current Subaru Forester alongside reviews, stats, photos and videos!

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