2014 Suzuki Celerio City Car – Full Details & Specifications

Suzuki Celerio front angle

What am I looking at?

This is Suzuki’s latest A-segment car – that’s a city car, to you and I – called the Celerio. It’s a replacement for the current Suzuki Alto.

What’s new?

All of it, though you wouldn’t know from the generic styling. Like the Mitsubishi Mirage, we suspect Suzuki is going for the lowest common denominator approach with the Celerio. For some customers that’s absolutely fine, but when it comes to Europe it may have a tougher job than its prime market in India.

What powers it?

European specifications will be confirmed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but the model premiered at the recent Indian Auto Expo featured a one-litre three-cylinder unit, slightly revised from that currently used in the Suzuki Alto. Fuel efficiency should be similar to the Alto’s already-impressive 65.7 mpg combined figure.

Suzuki Celerio front

How much does it cost?

This we don’t yet know. It’s likely to be similar to that of the Alto, which currently starts at £7,199. Hopefully, it’ll be a touch cheaper – the small car market has got a lot more competitive in the last few years and the Celerio doesn’t exactly stand out right now.

Anything else?

According to Autocar, the Celerio will hit the UK in January 2015 and replace both the Alto and Splash in Suzuki’s range.

Any alternatives?

Plenty. That’s what’ll make things tough for Suzuki – customers have a choice of VAG’s Up, Mii and Citigo, the Peugeot 107, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo (also due for replacement soon), the excellent new Hyundai i10, the characterful Fiat Panda, the competitive Kia Picanto, the not-so-competitive Mitsubishi Mirage and Chevy Spark, and the ludicrously cheap Dacia Sandero.

In a line?

Unremarkable city car gets ready to enter the arena.

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