Suzuki Jimny Ultimate Challenge Conquered

The Suzuki Jimny might be the worst car on carwow, but when asked to do one very specific job, it could be one of the best.

That job is tackling thousands of miles of roads all around the globe for minimal cost and with maximum benefit to charities - and with the Jimny Ultimate Challenge, that's exactly what Les Carvall and his team have done.

Using largely standard examples of the tiny off-roader, Les and his team have spent the last 150 days circumnavigating the globe through 16 countries, covering 18,478 miles. It's all been in aid of a fundraising tour for his charity Heaven Can Wait, I'm Busy. The charity is raising money for Save the Children and the Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington, Hampshire.

Ending at North Bergen, on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, the last few legs through Canada and the U.S. certainly proved easier through those of Russia and Mongolia in May, where one of the cars featured its one and only breakdown on the trip - a broken shock absorber bolt.

Aside from that, nothing was needed save regular maintenance and lubrication for the cars' vital parts. In fact, the car's reliability doesn't sound too dissimilar to that of the Fiat Panda African adventure - maybe small, simple cars are the way forward for big road trips!

It goes to show, while the Jimny may now be well off the pace of the best cars as a method of transport, it's really in its element when the going gets tough. No wonder farmers and off-road enthusiasts love 'em...

You can continue donating to Les's charity through the Heaven Can Wait website.

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