Suzuki Swift Sport: Now Available With Two More Doors

The Suzuki Swift has always been a fairly well received little car and its sporty version - the Suzuki Swift Sport - particularly so. But where the Swift has always been offered in 3 and 5 door guises, the Sport has only ever come in 3 door - requiring the undignified scramble over seats for the backseat passengers.

Until now. As part of a mild, mid-life refresh, Suzuki has finally opted to offer a 5 door variant to the Sport and enhance the practical hot hatch credentials.

The specifications should be familiar to anyone interested in the Swift Sport. 134hp is available from a variable valve timing enhanced 1.6 litre engine. Fuel economy and emissions figures are unchanged from the 2012 model at 44.1mpg combined and 147g/km.

In addition to the standard specification of automatic air conditioning, push button start, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, and HID projector headlamps, the 2013 model has been updated to include a high level LED brake lamp and drivers window auto up function.

The three door car continues to be priced from 13,749, while the 5 door is 500 extra at 14,249. They're available in five colours, including the new to 2013 Boost Blue Pearl Metallic, at no additional cost.

Available from:Now
Priced from:3 door 13,749; 5 door 14,249


The Swift's always been well-rated and the Sport even moreso - an 8.5 rated buzzScore is not to be sniffed at. As a fun little hot hatch for not much money it should be on everyone's radar.

But the three door only body has always made it less appealing to some would-be buyers - anyone with young children requiring back seat access, for instance. The five door option may seem like an insignificant alteration, but it broadens the appeal that bit further. With the Sport accounting for 10% of UK Swift sales and Suzuki projecting one third of those will be five doors, it's probably long overdue.

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