Teasing Teslas – the Model X SUV previewed

Few cars or companies have captured the imagination like Tesla and its Model S. The all-electric super saloon keeps cropping up in films and television series, with the occasional YouTube video showing it destroying supercars in quarter mile drag races or pinning a mobile phone to the seat back under acceleration.

An SUV version has been in the works for a couple of years now, touring the motor show circuit, but it seems like the car – called the Model X – is finally ready for production later this year. Interest piqued? Read on…

Not all details are available for the Model X just yet, but one thing we do know is the powertrain. The Model X will pack the same 60 or 85kWh lithium-ion battery packs as the Model S, but exclusively powering all four wheels.

We don’t have any specifications on the motors yet but, considering the X is directly developed from the S, we’d be surprised if it was very different – which means the X could offer between 300hp and 700hp. That should allow for some alarming 0-60mph times and a few more supercar-shaming YouTube videos.

You should still be able to enjoy a 300-mile range in familiar Tesla-style, with interior trappings like that large, central tablet. One notable departure from the norm, however, is a pair of gullwing upward-opening rear doors.

The rear doors should be more than just a style statement, because they allow easier access to the rear row of seats. The Model X is a seven-seat SUV and, with the battery pack housed in the floor, there ought to be plenty of room for occupants.

With the UK launch running to the end of the year at the earliest, prices aren’t available for any Model X yet – estimates put it at roughly equivalent to the cost of the Model S. That means a range from £55k to £85k before the government EV grant.

We’ll have all the information, prices and specs on the Tesla Model X when they come available nearer to launch in early 2016.

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