The Virage, Aston Martin’s Brand New Supercar

Aston Martin have just released the first details on the Virage and the Virage Volante. This may look like a facelifted DB9, but its actually a brand new model.

The Virage will apparently fill the gap between the DB9 and the DBS. It will be more performance orientated than the DB9, and more luxurious than the DBS.

Virage rear

Its powered by a 6.0 V12 engine, producing 490 bhp. No word yet on 0-60 times or other performance stats.

Every Virage will come with Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes as standard, which is an option that usually costs a few thousand pounds on rivals. These brakes will offer better stopping power and will be more fade resistant than conventional brakes.

Other options that will come as standard include heated seats, Bi-Xenon lights, sat-nav and a 700W Dolby Pro Logic sound system.

Aston Martin are keen to focus on just how much hand-craftsmanship goes into their cars. For the Virage, 200 man hours are spent on hand crafting it, 70 of those on the interior alone.


We will be very interested to see what the reviews for this car are like. The DB9 was always criticised slightly for being too soft, hopefully the Virage will solve those issues.

The biggest downside with this car is that it looks so similar to the DB9. Thats no insult by any means, the DB9 is a stunning car, but wed bet the average man on the street would struggle to tell the difference.

We cant help think the DB9 wont be around for much longer. Prices for the Virage havent yet been announced, but its obvious it will sit between the DB9 which costs 125,000 and the DBS which costs 175,000. Its hard to see many customers choosing a DB9 over this fresh-faced, more modern, Virage.

Twitter Reactions

Reactions to the Virage from some of the top automotive tweeters:

@ir_427 Aston Martin Virage – really struggling to see the point. We were told to expect a ‘significant reveal’. Hahahahahahaha… cough.

@chashallett I think we’re going to have to drive this new Aston to get it

@AndrewNoakes Turns out there was a big gap in the #Aston Martin range between the 470bhp V12 DB9 and the 510bhp V12 DBS. Who knew?

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