Toyota Auris Hybrid CO2 Drops To 84 g/km

Whether or not you believe in man-made global warming, carbon dioxide still has an impact on every UK driver – it decides your road tax and company car tax costs (or perhaps you want tax free cars).

Toyota has tweaked its Auris Hybrid and Auris Touring Sports Hybrid to produce slightly lower CO2 emissions than before, from 91 g/km down to 84 g/km.

That won’t be enough to drop the Auris under London’s new 75 g/km Congestion Charge exemption from July 1, and it won’t change the Hybrid’s already tax-free VED status.

And for company users the BIK rate is also unchanged – though the Auris Hybrid now sits more comfortably in the 10 percent BIK band, and everyone will get a few extra MPG into the bargain too.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Toyota is hedging its bets just in case the road tax bands change at some point, though. As a new car buyer you really need to look ahead to future legislation if you want to preserve your low running costs – as drivers in London have discovered with that C-Charge change.

Of course, the Hybrid’s new lower emissions figure also has a marketing spin to it – it makes the Auris Hybrid the lowest-emitting car in its class.

Priced from: 19,995

Available from: Now


Hybrids aren’t for everyone but with the lowest emissions in its class and a smooth drivetrain, the Auris Hybrid a welcome change from the diesel variants that tend to dominate.

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