Toyota iQ – Now Even More Customisable!

What should you do if you want a Toyota iQ with a range of unique colours, fancy leather trim and hundreds of personalisation options?
Well, you could drop 30,000 on an Aston Martin Cygnet, which brings a touch of hand-finishing, Aston Martin-quality paintwork (some of the best in the business) and a fancy keyring to drop in the bowl at wife-swapping parties.
Alternatively, you could look to Toyota themselves, whove launched a range of colourful options for their diminutive city car, available with any engine and trim combination.
Toyota iQ custom exterior
So, what kind of options are available?
Well start with the exterior first. The iQ is already a distinctive vehicle, particularly in white, which lends it the appearance of a wheeled iPod. Now you can make it stand out even more, with a range of decals.
Toyota iQ decals
Youve the choice of a Check pattern, Box (which Toyota describes as a scattering of colourful quadrilaterals – wed have that one just so we could repeat that description to people), the daisy-inspired Bloom, the swishy swooshes of Pulse, a bubbly pattern with Aqua (1990s Swedish bubblegum pop band not included) and Swirl, a psychedelic multicolour pattern.
The interior hasnt been forgotten either. Six new Nappa leather combinations can be specified, with a mixture of contrasting colours and stitching.
Toyota iQ interior
Colours include black, platinum and red, and the black leather can be specified with vibrant Electric Blue, Burnt Orange or Red fillets and stitching, with the iQ logo stitched into the headrests.
Pricing is significantly below Aston Martin levels too, with even the leather trim coming in at a reasonable 775. Side decals are priced at 200, and roof decals at 180. VAT is included, theyre all covered by Toyotas 5 year, 100,000-mile warranty, and you can only get them on new iQs.
Toyota iQ black custom
If all that wasnt enough, you can mix and match the above with the iQs range of eight paint shades, so youre unlikely to find another car quite like yours.
Okay, so its still not an Aston Martin (it could be argued the Aston Martin isnt an Aston Martin either, but we digress), but the new options make Toyotas city car more individual than ever, and won’t cost you the Earth either.
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