Ultimate Edition Range Rover

This the most expensive Range Rover ever, the Autobiography Ultimate Edition. Its absolutely stuffed full of toys and luxurious features.

The biggest change is that with this Ultimate Edition there are now two seats in the back, rather than three. Two huge seats. This model is a car to be chauffeured in, not to drive yourself around in.

Ultimate Edition Range Rover seats

Those lucky enough to sit in the back get two iPads to play with (they come as standard), a drinks chiller, fold out tables and electric seats. The iPads are clearly just a gimmick. Were not sure yet if theyre removable, if not then thatll be a pain for owners!

In the boot is a super yacht inspired teak floor, which we actually rather like!

Ultimate Edition boot

On the outside, there are two new colours to choose from, Roussillon Red and Otago Stone. To really prove youve bought the most expensive Range Rover there are also unique 20 wheels and a badge on the back to indicate you didnt go for the standard version.

The Ultimate Edition can be bought with either the new 4.4 TDV8, or the 5.0 V8 Supercharged Petrol. Only 500 will be made. Prices arent yet out yet, but you can guarantee it will easily cost over 100,000.

Ultimate Edition Interior



Its no real surprise to see this Range Rover. There have been lots of hints that the next Range Rover will be even more luxurious than the current one, so this is a good way to test the market.

Wed expect this limited edition to sell out very quickly. Lots of wealthy people around the world use Range Rovers as chauffeur driven cars, so this model is just responding to customer demand.

Itll be a while until the all-new Range Rover will be launced, but when it does we wouldnt be surprised to see an option for two back seats, instead of the standard three back seats.

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