Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 TDI & TSI: Five Things You Need to Know

The new Volkswagen Beetle has been available in 1.2 and 1.4-litre formfor several months now - weve already had a quick drive in each - butnow the two engines that many are waiting for have finally arrived.

Those engines are the VW groups ubiquitous 2.0-litre TDI, and the200PS TSI engine, usually found under the bonnet of Golf GTIs. Thatmakes them the most frugal and the quickest new Beetle models yet. Sowhat things do you need to know about the new arrivals?

1. Beetle GTI?

VW Beetle Side White
The 2.0-litre TSI is more commonly found in the Volkswagen Golf GTI,among other Volkswagen-Audi Group products. With 200PS (near enough200bhp, in old money) and the option of a six-speed manual ordual-clutch DSG gearbox, itll get you to 62mph in 7.5 seconds and onto 139mph. Its sure to become a left-field choice for those wantingperformance without the staid Golf body or for those who dont want aScirocco

2. Tax dodger

White Beetle Rear
At 129 g/km (and 57.6mpg) with a six-speed manual gearbox, the BeetleTDI finds itself in tax bracket D, with a bill of only 100 a year.Thats 20 cheaper than the 1.2 TSI with DSG that kicks off the Beetlerange, which will no doubt make it the company car of choice. Privatebuyers might be better off sticking with the petrol unless they dohigh mileages, as diesels do cost more to buy.

3. Three trim levels

VW Beetle Interior Black
TDI models will be available in Design and Sport trim, while TSIBeetles will get Sport or special edition Turbo Black and Turbo Silvertrim lines. The Turbo models come with huge 19-inch wheels, Sport gets18-inch, and Design gets two 17-inch options. Design is our personalfavourite - one of the wheel options is a brilliant retro style thatsuits the car perfectly. Sport is a bit try-hard.

4. Herbie the well-equipped bug

VW Beetle Rear
Gone are the days of basic Beetles. Take a deep breath, and thenrecite the following: Design trim gets Bluetooth, DAB radio, aircon,multi-function leather wheel, body-coloured dash panels. Sport addstinted glass, cruise control, a gloss black dash, and climate control.2.0 TSI also gets more sophisticated suspension, twin chromed exhaustpipes, red brake calipers and a rear diffuser.

5. Rock on

While some car manufacturers load their high-end models with high-endsound systems, the Beetle is much cooler. Guitar and amplifier makerFender has worked with Volkswagen on a 400W sound system with asubwoofer, and illuminated speaker surrounds. And it only costs 500.


VW Beetle White Side
The new additions to the Beetle range should keep most people happy,over and above the 1.2 and 1.4 turbocharged models already offered. VWdiesels sell in huge numbers so the TDI will be no exception, and theTSI should make for an entertaining retro hot hatch.
TDIs kick off from 20,085 for a manual Design, and a 2.0 TSI Sportwith manual transmission starts at 22,295. Both are available toorder now.
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