Volkswagen CC R-Line Gets Racy New Details

What have we here then?

It's Volkswagen's handsome Passat-based CC with a spritzing of sporty badges and a bit of a body kit.

So what's new?

Very little of the basic vehicle, and the CC's facelift (it used to be known as the Passat CC) has been around a few years now. The R-Line sits above the existing GT trim though, without going as far as offering a thumping new engine as a full R-badged model might.

What powers it?

You've a choice of two engines, and it's the standard VW fare - a 210 PS 2.0-litre TSI petrol, and a two-litre TDI with 177 PS and torque like the proverbial train. You'll find similar engines across the VW empire and they all share similar characteristics - plenty of punch, good levels of refinement and decent real-world economy.

With BlueMotion Technology - a stop-start system and battery regeneration - the diesel is actually pretty frugal at 58.9 mpg, though matching that in the real world will require concentration. A six-speed manual 'box is standard and a six-speed DSG optional - the latter knocks a few MPG off each car.

Anything else?

Yup, there's all the sporting goodies - on top of GT trim, you get an R-Line front grille with round fog lights, an R-Line front bumper, a radiator grille badge (can you guess what it reads?), sill extentions, LED daytime running lights and 18-inch 'Mallory' alloy wheels.

Those R badges appear on the multi-function steering wheel too and some "distinctive" new trim.

All that sport stuff must be expensive...

You'd think so, but surprisingly not. R-Line models are just 650 more than the equivalent GT, so start at 29,505 for the 2.0 TSI manual. The 2.0 TDI manual is 30,045, while the DSG 'box adds 1,400 and 1,475 to petrol and diesel respectively.

Any alternatives?

Dozens, depending on your preference. BMW will sell you a 318d M Sport for a similar sum to the diesel - not as quick, but better economy. If it's the looks you're interested in then you can go nuts in Mazda's range with a top-of-the-line Mazda6 2.2d Sport Nav for a couple of grand less, similar power and better economy.

If you want some serious style, you can even get Jaguar XFs for around 30k these days.

And in a line...

Good-value upgrades for a handsome - if ageing - saloon.

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