Caddy On Camping: Volkswagen's Caddy Maxi Camper Ready For The Summer

You're probably not feeling too summery at the moment. It's grey, cold, and you're not sure whether the snowman on your lawn was built by the kids, or whether the postman was caught out by a freak blizzard.

Still, Volkswagen is here to make you think of sunnier climes, as it shines some light on the new Caddy Maxi Camper.

Volkswagen and camper vans go together like snow and travel chaos (only more desirable) and the Caddy provides a more affordable alternative to the usual Transporter-based California models.

The outside is much the same as any other Caddy, retina-scorching paint scheme aside, but it's inside where camper vans really have to work. External dimensions of 4.8 metres length and 1.8 metres high hide a set of folding seats that, when stowed, allow a 1.1 x 2.0 metre double-bed to occupy the cabin.

Volkswagen Caddy Camper bed

Hinting at the old adage "If the van's a'rockin', don't come knockin'!" the Caddy's occupants do get a curtain to protect their modesty. To ensure there's a little more space for other activities, a 2.3 x 2.0 metre awning extends around the tailgate and clips to the sides.

Volkswagen has even seen fit to provide you with a table and chairs, all of which fit into bespoke storage spaces in the rear of the vehicle. For more storage the Caddy features standard roof rails, and if sleeping isn't part of the plan then the bed can be removed and the rear seats folded forward to turn the Camper back into a van.

'Takato' upholstery, air conditioning, electric front windows, electric and heated door mirrors, a leather steering wheel, front fog lamps, height-adjustable front seats, a trip computer and cruise control are all standard, as is an electric cool box.

It almost doesn't matter what powers the Caddy Camper, but it wouldn't be a proper Volkswagen without a choice of 1.6 or 2.0 TDI engines, the former delivering 54.3 mpg combined. Both get the option of a dual-clutch DSG auto transmission.

Priced from: 23,397
Available from: Now

Volkswagen Caddy Camper accessories


In the interests of saving our readers money we'd point out that Volkswagen isn't the only company converting its vans into campers, and it certainly isn't the cheapest.

But for convenience, little beats walking into your nearest Volkswagen Van centre and driving out in a fully-prepared camper van - and the 23,397 starting price will still appeal to some. If you buy one, make sure you tick the option for extra sun...

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