VW Golf BlueMotion - The Economy Champ Returns

Fresh from its victory in the European Car of the Year honours, VW has announced the return of the Golf BlueMotion at the Geneva Motor Show.

BlueMotion is one of the higher-profile efficiency brands on sale, and with combined economy of 88.3 mpg, the new Golf BlueMotion will do little to change that.

That's the sort of figure we're used to seeing from cars in the supermini class, as is the class-leading 85 g/km CO2 figure.

The new Golf's lighter weight and improved engine range means the regular Golf 1.6 TDI now matches the old BlueMotion, and the new model improves by a full 15 percent. With a 50-litre fuel tank, the new BlueMotion's theoretical range is 970 miles.

Naturally, the new model has a few tweaks above and beyond those of the already-efficient standard car.

Sitting in the engine bay is a 1.6-litre, 110 PS TDI diesel engine of a newer design than the old car. It develops 250 Nm of torque from just 1,500 rpm, across a plateau to 2,750 rpm.

Reduced internal friction, a thermal management system with a shortened warm-up phase, exhaust gas recirculation, a two-stage oil pump, switchable water pump and water-cooled intercooler all improve economy and emissions.

Outside, a 15 mm reduction in ride height, a roof spoiler, masked front grille, partially closed air inlets, underfloor panels and c-pillar spoiler all let the BlueMotion slip through the air cleaner than regular Golfs. With a drag coefficient of 0.27, it's one of the most aerodynamic in the class.

It also gets aerodynamic alloy wheels on low rolling resistance tyres, while visually the grille gets a thin blue line where you'd find a sporty red line on the GTI.

Despite the eco-tweaks, Golf BlueMotion models are known for not feeling like poverty models, so expect the same levels of comfort and equipment as any other Golf.

Priced from: 18,156 (3dr S), 18,811 (5dr S)
Available from: Order May, deliveries August


The new Golf has been attracting rave reviews since its introduction. The BlueMotion may not be the most exciting in a range that now includes the GTI and GTD models, but that headline economy figure could make it the eco family car of choice when it arrives in August.
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