VW Golf Bulks Up With Sportsvan Concept

Let's get this out of the way first. Yes, it's called "Sportsvan" - though when it finally does go on sale in 2014, it's probable that monicker will have been dropped in favour of retaining the "Plus" brand.

The Sportsvan is, at present, merely a concept rather than a signed-off, finished product, but it seems fairly likely given the two previous generations of Golf and Golf Plus that what we see here represents most of its final form.

The key stats are not liable to change at any rate. This means you get the same much-heralded "MQB" platform underpinning the car as is beneath the Mk7 Golf. It's about 8cm longer than the hatch (and 22cm shorter than the estate) with a 5cm longer wheelbase to give more interior space.

In this concept version, that extra space is used to increase the luggage space by 30% - 498 litres to the Golf's 380 litres - though the rear seats can move fore and aft through 18cm, allowing up to 585 litres of load space with them in the furthest forward configuration. Folding the rear seats flat gives 1512 litres, more than the 1270 litres of the Golf or the 1450 litres of the outgoing Plus. You can also fold the front passenger seat forwards to create a 2.48m long load space.

Another shared attribute with the Golf is the engine range. A suite of four 1.4 litre TFSI petrols with 85 to 150hp, two 1.6 litre TDI diesels with 90hp or 110hp and the 2.0 150hp TDI are all carried over. All but the 85hp petrol can be specified with VW's DSG transmission and all incorporate stop-start technologies.

As it's still in concept form, this Mk7 generation Plus-replacement won't go on sale until well into 2014 - and VW promise that it won't actually be called "Sportsvan" when it hits UK shores, though the name it will use hasn't yet been revealed...


You can pretty much summarise this in a relatively short sentence. It's a Golf, only it's taller. For those of you familiar with the Mk5 and Mk6 Golf-based Plus, this will come as no shock since that's exactly what they were too.

This had its benefits and drawbacks - a little extra space over the hatch with a higher driving position and a slight dulling of driving manners. In truth, the Golf Mk7 is already as versatile a car as you'll ever need and if you want an MPV it makes sense to go up the scale to the Touran rather than the short hop to the Plus.

That said, this Sportsvan is still only a concept (albeit likely one very similar to the finished article) and we'll have to wait until the middle of 2014 to sample its charms.

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