Vauxhall's Newest Hot Hatch: Adam S

What happens when you take the smallest, lightest car you make and increase its power output by 50%?

Luckily, Vauxhall has given us the answer with this "close to production" concept on their stand at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Based on the ADAM city car, the ADAM S uses the same 1.4 ECOTEC petrol engine as the range topping car but turned up to eleven. A thorough working over, including a new turbocharger integrated with the exhaust manifold, sees the power rating leap from 100hp to 150hp and peak torque is now over 160lbfft.

With a specific power output now over 100hp/litre, that's an increase of 50% more power and 70% more torque, all while meeting new Euro6 emissions specifications. Mated to a six speed manual gearbox, the ADAM S should make the 60mph dash in around 8.5s and will push on to 137mph.

However, the ADAM range is quite pricey as things stand and you could pencil in a putative price point of around 16,000 for this fun-sized bit of madness. The good news is that, since the Twingo Renaultsport's demise there's no direct competitor, but the bad news is that Vauxhall's own VXR Corsa and, worse still, Ford's Fiesta ST are not significantly more pricey...

Nevertheless, there's an appreciation for cars like this, with just enough power to misbehave and only as much weight as it needs to carry. We're looking forward to seeing how this one pans out as full production (hopefully) approaches.

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