Vauxhall VXR8 GTS - Still Sure You Want That BMW M5?

Ever since the days of the much-loved Monaro, the you cant get more power for less USP has been one thats firmly associated with big, V8-powered Vauxhalls of Australian descent.

And nothings changed here with the latest addition to the Griffins portfolio, the big brute of a car that is the revised VXR8 GTS.

Engineered to replace the current incarnation of the VXR8 GTS, the new model usurps its predecessor in one key way: thanks to a new 6.2 V8 and its accompanying Eaton supercharger, this now model now produces a truly staggering 576bhp.

Compare that to its predecessors comparatively weedy 425bhp output, and its not wrong to expect the new GTS to well and truly trounce the old car in an impromptu game performance stat sheet Top Trumps.

Vauxhall VXR8 GTS rear

But only when Vauxhall actually publishes these figures, will we actually know for sure...

Still, at least details have been disclosed on how the new GTS has been adapted for a life with an extra 150bhp to boot, with most of the methods intended to cool that huge V8 and its accompanying supercharger.

For example, an extra 130 square metres of open frontal surface was needed to channel enough air into the engine bay, hence why the VXR8s face is now smothered with a whole range of enlarged air intakes and cooling vents over its predecessor.

Bar stopping 580hp from overheating and obliterating the engine bay, the addition of wider tyres, more powerful brake callipers and a new Brake Torque Vectoring system also go some way to reining in that power when the VXR8 GTS is on the road or track.

Vauxhall VXR8 GTS side

With all this focus on making the car faster, youd perhaps be surprised that the VXR8 has in fact been given a slight cosmetic makeover: bar the aforementioned alterations to the front bumper, the rear light clusters have been given a more stylistic tweak, there are a few more twirly bits on the rear spoiler and the quad exhausts are now housed inside a rather sporting rear diffuser.

Even the interiors been spruced up, thanks to the addition of Onyx leather VXR Performance seats and an overhaul of almost every interface and read-out inside the cabin, whether it be the instrument cluster and the centre console, right down to the revised door trims items.

The big hurdle to overcome, though, is the price: at 54,995, it may be only five grand more than the car it replaces (and almost 20K less than similar cars from BMW and Mercedes), but its still an awful lot of money to splash out on a Vauxhall!

Priced from: 54,995
Available: Now (Deliveries expected to commence towards the end of the year)

Vauxhall VXR8 GTS interior


Despite the its impossible to get more bang for your buck argument, its highly unlikely that the revised VXR8 GTS will suddenly become a more common site on the public road.

Even Vauxhall themselves admit that it wont be flying out of the showrooms: in the official press release, the GTSs existence has been put down to there being a small, but immensely passionate band of customers whod rather own a car like this than, say, something thats adorned with RS or AMG monikers.

Still, you gotta give Vauxhall some respect for readying the VXR8 GTS for sale in the UK, just for the handful of British motorists who simply cant get enough of a great big, old school-style muscle car with a Griffin badge on the bonnet.

And were sure that the small group of people wholl put their name down for a GTS will be pretty pleased when theyre handed the keys to the big, boisterous Vauxhall.

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