Volkswagen Cross Up Skids Into Geneva

The market has gone crossover and 4x4 mad in recent years.

No longer is it sufficient to own a regular car - it must feature raised suspension, plastic cladding or a funky name. Ideally, a combination of all three.

The Volkswagen Cross Up, set to debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show, hits that particular trifecta in one. Raised suspension? Check. Plastic cladding? Check. Funky name? Judge for yourself.

Not yet confirmed for the UK market, the Cross Up is based on the five-door Volkswagen Up.

To this it adds black mouldings on the wheel arches and sills, full-length Cross Up-branded door protection strips, and a silver finish on the front and rear bumpers, door mirrors and roof rails.

It also sits on 16-inch alloy wheels, whose tyres are a little further away from the wheel arches, on raised suspension. It may not go off-road, but you'll have a little more clearance on that snowy road or gravel driveway.

Cross Ups get a high specification, including a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearknob, plus Cross Up logo'd seats and sill plates. Interior features are defined in red, black or silver, depending on the buyer's preference.

Remote locking, fog lights, electric and heated mirrors, a multifunction display and stability control are all standard, while motive power originates from the higher-output 75 PS 1.0-litre engine.

Priced from: 13,925 (Germany)
Available from: Not yet confirmed for UK

Volkswagen Cross Up side


If you want the Cross Up to arrive here in the UK, you'll need to get bugging your local VW dealer. UK sales are under consideration, but nothing is set in stone. Whether it's really worth it or not is a matter of taste, since mechanical changes are few. If you want an Up with extra ground clearance though, your options are otherwise limited...
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