VW Golf Mk8 2018 price, specs and release date

The current Volkswagen Golf is starting to show its age in the face of stiff competition from rivals such as the Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus and Audi A3. Its replacement, the eighth-generation model, will go on sale in 2018 – our exclusive renders show what it could look like in a variety of guises.

If you can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a new car, check out the recently leaked images the upcoming Golf facelift – this subtly upgraded model should go on sale in 2017.

The current Golf’s upturned grille and rounded headlights – features that gave it a smiling, friendly appearance – have been lost in favour of a more aggressive front bumper. Revised headlights – that we expect will feature LED technology – a broad lower intake and two body-coloured fins dominate the new car’s front end.

New VW Golf BlueMotion

This model will have a similar boxy silhouette and roofline to the outgoing car. The BlueMotion model, shown here, will probably come with a blanked-off upper grille, slightly lowered suspension and subtle blue detailing to save fuel.

New VW Golf GTD

The fastest diesel-powered Golf, the GTD, will probably boast a more aggressive look thanks to lowered suspension, larger alloy wheels and black stripes across the bumper – similar to those fitted to the current generation GTI.

New VW Golf GTI

The Golf GTI is the eponymous hot hatch, as comfortable on the school run as it is blasting down an empty B road. The Mk8 model will come with thoroughly upgraded styling, numerous GTI badges and a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine capable of producing at least 220hp.

New VW Golf R

If the prospect of a Mk8 GTI doesn’t get your pulse racing, the new Mk8 Golf R – and its innate ability to put your driving license in serious jeopardy – might just fit the bill. A trick four-wheel-drive system will help transmit approximately 300hp from a tweaked version of the GTI’s engine – to the road. The new R should sprint from 0-62mph in comfortably less than five seconds.

New VW Golf GTE

The current Golf GTE combines a powerful electric motor with a frugal 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine to offer an enticing combination of performance and economy. We expect the new model to feature similar technology, wrapped up in a more modern-looking package.

New VW e-Golf

We expect the new e-Golf to come with a partially blanked-off grille and selective blue detailing around the VW badge and headlights. New alloy wheels with thick spokes to help reduce drag will also help differentiate this battery-powered model from other new Golfs.

New VW Golf Estate

We expect the Golf Estate to come fitted with the same modified styling as the standard car. The current model’s extended roofline and boxy rear will, however, remain. The Mk7 improved on the Mk6’s carrying capacity by almost 100 litres so we hope the Mk8 version continues this trend and comes with an even more capacious boot.

New VW Golf SV

The new Golf SV – the MPV built on the Golf platform – has been given a significantly more sporty appearance than the outgoing model. It shares the standard car’s aggressive front bumper but the headlights are larger and more rounded. Numerous equipment upgrades should ensure the new SV is more than a match for the Ford C-Max and Citroen C4 Picasso when it goes on sale in 2018.

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VW Golf Mk8 latest news (updated July 2016)

Volkswagen might still be reeling from the effects of the diesel gate emissions scandal but development of the latest generation Golf has continued at pace. Read on to find out what we know so far about this important new family hatchback…

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The new Mk8 Golf will be the latest in a line of trailblazing hatchbacks stretching back over four decades. It has become a true design icon and the default car of choice for many families. Volkswagen has helped to push the small car benchmark ever higher by constantly developing the Golf, making the introduction of a new model a exciting prospect indeed.

The new version is expected to be up to 70kg lighter than the current models. The diet should not only improve its fuel economy but could make it more involving to drive, too. Despite this weight reduction, rumours suggest the new Golf will in fact be wider than any previous generation. The cabin should be more spacious but headroom may be slightly reduced thanks to a lower roofline introduced to make the car more aerodynamic.

The MQB chassis that underpins many Volkswagens including the current Golf will see service in the new Mk8 but the range of engines on offer will be mostly new. A selection of 1.5-litre, three-cylinder diesel engines should allow the new Golf to return up to 100mpg and emit so little CO2 that they could be completely free to tax.

These new engines will feature a modular cylinder design that allows engineers to simply add more cylinders for models with higher power outputs. This can be done far more cheaply than developing a whole new engine – savings that will hopefully be passed on to customers with the launch of future models. The initial range of engines should offer between 75-150hp.

The new GTI could take inspiration from the Vision GTI concept, shown here…

New VW Golf GTI

Fans of the GTI badge may have to wait until 2019 for the Mk8 Golf GTI to go on sale. When it does hit UK showrooms, however, they’re unlikely to be disappointed – it’s been reported this new model could boasts a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine producing as much as 325hp in high-performance Clubsport guise. Entry-level models, however, will probably be capable of 260hp – 40hp more than the current generation GTI.

High performance Golfs, including GTI, GTD and R models, could be fitted with the world’s first 10-speed DSG dual clutch automatic gearbox. This unit should, if reports are to be believed, be capable of delivering improved both fuel consumption and reducing the time taken to shift between gears.

More aggressive bodywork, larger alloy wheels and distinctive red trim pieces should help differentiate the new GTI from the standard car. We expect the interior to receive a number of sporty touches as well as the traditional Golf GTI chequered seat upholstery.

For further information on the new features we expect to see fitted to the new Mk8 keep reading.

New Volkswagen Golf Mk8 (updated 30 October ’15)

With the current Volkswagen Golf (Mk7) due for a facelift in 2016, we’re expecting a new model to be launched sometime in 2017. It will keep the current car’s platform underneath, but everything else will change to uphold the Golf’s reputation as a class leader.

New VW Golf Mk8 hybrid engines

According to recent reports, the eighth-generation will use hybrid powertrains across most of the range with a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol being the predicted main engine option. It’s not known if this is a direct response to the recent Dieselgate scandal but, in America where diesel isn’t very popular, it could save the brand’s falling US sales.

Electric turbochargers, as shown here, will feature on the new Golf

Like the upcoming Bentley Bentayga, the new Golf will feature 48-volt electrical systems rather than the traditional 12-volt ones. This allows it to run what’s known as an electric turbocharger – a small yet very powerful air pump that supplements the normal turbo until it’s spinning fast enough to generate boost on its own.

It also features a combined starter motor/generator helping the car function as a mild hybrid. When just cruising or coasting it functions as a generator, supplying extra power to the battery and, when accelerating, it functions as a motor – adding even more power to the equation. This extra power puts less strain on the engine, improving fuel economy.

New VW Golf Mk8 styling

Styling wise, new Golfs have always shared much in common with the cars they replace and we don’t expect that to change when the Mk7 makes way for the Mk8.

Expect the new car to get a series of aerodynamic improvements that will help it return better fuel economy. Intricate light designs are also very much of the moment and we would think the new Golf will sport some smart-looking LEDs.

As usual, the new Golf will also be given the super-frugal BlueMotion treatment as imagined in our pictures. The car could return fuel economy of up to 100mpg and CO2 emissions of as little as 74g/km for free road tax. Such figures would be possible with help from improved aerodynamics and a lower weight. The latter could be achieved thanks carbon-reinforced plastic body panels (replacing heavy steel ones) and a noise-cancelling sound system that would circumvent the need for heavy sound deadening. 

VW Golf Mk8 2016 engines

Some of the biggest changes are likely to be seen in the mechanicals, with VW rumoured to be producing a new run of three-cylinder petrols engines that sip fuel and are boosted by a turbocharger to deliver decent performance. They could offer anything from 110 to 190hp. There’s also talk of mild-hybrid petrol engines that would use a small electric motor in an attempt to boost fuel economy.

Diesel’s will also be key to the new model’s success and the flagship GTD is set to get a revised version of the bi-turbo diesel that is fitted to the Volkswagen Passat. It produces 237hp, so should prove a very sporty proposition in the smaller Golf.

VW Golf Mk8 2016 gearbox

Volkswagen is said to be in the process of developing a 10-speed DSG automatic gearbox that is earmarked for top-of-the range models such as the GTD, GTI and R. Its extra cogs (three more than VW’s current DSG) would allow for quicker acceleration, lower emissions and improved fuel economy. In full-auto mode, you can expect changes to be nearly imperceptible, while steering-wheel-mounted paddles would allow for quick manual changes.

VW Golf Mk8 2016 technology

New technology is at the heart of any new Golf and we can expect it to share tech from the rest of the VW range – including the Passat’s 12.3-inch Active Info Display that replaces conventional dials. The dashboard could also be treated with a pigment capable of reflecting infrared light; helping to keep the car cool in direct sunlight to take some of the strain of the air-conditioning system.

VW Golf Mk8 2016 price and on-sale date

We can expect VW to reveal the all-new Golf in 2016 at its home motor show in Frankfurt. Prices aren’t expected to stray too much from the current model, which is priced from £17,500 to £34,000.

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