VW Polo R WRC - Step Aside GTI

W, R, and C. Three letters which imply danger, excitement and extreme driving to petrolheads around the globe.
They stand for World Rally Championship, the pinnacle of rally competition in the same way that Formula One defines single-seater racing. And its the series where Volkswagen will be competing in 2013, with a high-tech, all-wheel drive beast based on the Polo.
The road version, on the other hand, isnt all wheel drive. But its still a beast, as implied by its BMW-baiting 151mph top speed. Thats 9mph more than the GTI can manage, and its 6.4-second 0-62mph time knocks half a second from the current range-topper.
vw polo r wrc
You can thank the extra 39 horsepower for that, pinning total output at 217bhp. And its not just a simple tuning job either - the entire super- and turbocharged 1.4-litre engine of the regular GTI has made way for a larger 2.0-litre lump, nicked from the Golf.
The dual-clutch gearbox has also been binned, in favour of a six-speed manual sure to please traditionalists.
At a glance youll notice the fancy VW R graphics, but those 18-inch alloys are hard to miss too. A deep front spoiler and rear diffuser complete the look, while the interior sees a splash of rally-style Alcantara and some shiny metal pedals.
Sounds pretty good, right? Well, dont get too excited - because its unlikely to come to the UK. All 2,500 units will be left-hand drive and rather expensive.
Priced from: 27,000 approx.

Available from: 2013, but dont count on it
vw polo r wrc


Its a pity the Polo R WRC isnt destined for the UK, because we love a good hot hatch over here. VWs changes over the GTI should certainly add driver appeal for purists, if only down to that six-speed manual gearbox. But the price is a bit steep - youd get an even quicker, full-scale hot hatch for that sort of dosh.
And if you were wondering how close the R WRC road car is to the actual WRC car, dont even go there. The real thing makes even this 150mph hatchback look a bit tame, with 300bhp, huge wheel arches, widened bodywork, extra air intakes and a spoiler so big you could launch an aircraft from it. Thats why we love WRC
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