Volkswagen up! released – Smart, but a bit of a let down

Volkswagen have unveiled their new small car, the up!. It looks good, but its not all that the concept car suggested it might be. We take a look…

The up! (not-capitalised, and with an exclamation mark at the end!) is instantly recognisable as a Volkswagen, with very similar styling to the Golf and Polo. Its a small car, measuring just 3.54m by 1.64m. For comparison the MINI Hatch is 3.72m by 1.68m, and the Smart fortwo is 2.69m by 1.55m.

VW up! rear

Theres 3 ranges to choose from:

take up! – The budget entry-level trim

move up! – The comfort trim

high up! – The top level trim

Within the high up! range there will also be two special launch editions, the up! black and up! white.

VW up! red

Two petrol engines will be offered, a 60PS and 75PS version. The 60PS version will be road-tax free, have stop/start and get 67.3mpg. An electric version is also planned.

VW up! red interior

From the photos the interior looks pretty smart, there will be a range of colour options inside. Theres space for four and the boot is one of the biggest in this sector, at 251 litres (expanded to 951 litres when the seats are down).

VW up! PID

The up! will have a Personal Infotainment Device (PID) which contains the sat-nav, telephone and music. Its a touch screen device that can be taken out of the car.

No word on pricing yet, though wed expect it start from under 9,000. It goes on sale in March next year.

VW up! black



It doesnt look anywhere near as good as the up! Concept released four years ago, but theres no denying it looks smart. The back of it certainly looks different to anything else on sale, although the styling effect will be lost on black cars.

With VW build quality and some competitive pricing it should prove a good buy for people who want a four-seat city car. We just wish it looked a bit more like the original concept, which was full of fun and unique styling features.

The up! concept:

up! concept

up! concept back


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