2016 Aston Martin DB11 price, specs and release date

Following a series of leaks (covered below) Aston Martin has officially launched the DB11 – the successor to the legendary DB9 GT car. Its styling is an evolution of the brand’s traditional long-bonnet and rearward cabin look while a new twin-turbocharged V12 engine ensures it has the go to match the show.

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Aston Martin DB11 styling

To the casual observer, it might not seem to be that much of a departure from the DB9’s styling – it’s still clearly a front-engined, rear-wheel drive coupe with long, low and wide proportions. Look a little closer, however, and some noticeable changes have been made compared to the outgoing DB9.

The most obvious new addition is the ‘floating’ roof rails first seen on the DBX concept. These are finished in a contrasting silver to the rest of the car and help break up the car’s visual weight. The traditional Aston Martin grille features but it, along with the car’s other vents, are aerodynamically functional helping improve airflow around and through the car.

Aston Martin DB11 interior

While Aston Martin’s interiors always looked dramatic, they lagged behind its more mainstream rivals who had the money to develop the best infotainment tech. Now the firm is tied up with Mercedes’ parent company Daimler, it can call on the group’s extensive parts list. This means the DB11 now features a 12-inch display in place of the traditional dials and an eight-inch one in the centre console – both a marked improvement on the brand’s clunky old system.

What won’t change is Aston Martin’s extensive use of luxury materials. Almost every exposed surface is covered in opulent leather while certain trim pieces feature stunning wood inlays in a variety of finishes. Like previous models, there’ll be plenty of space in the front seats for passengers but the two rear seats are probably only suitable for children or for very short journeys – head- and legroom will be somewhat compromised by the car’s swoopy styling.

Aston Martin DB11 engine

Petrolheads will be interested to hear the DB11 is powered by the firm’s new 5.2-litre V12 petrol engine. With 600hp, it blasts to 62mph from rest in just 3.9 seconds and will hit 200mph flat out. In addition, it features cylinder deactivation to improve fuel efficiency when just cruising and stop/start to help around town.

An eight-speed automatic gearbox channels the power to the road while the car uses its brakes to help tighten its lines through corners. Adaptive dampers combine with the selectable driving modes to suit the conditions ranging from soft GT mode to hardcore Sport Plus.

Aston Martin DB11 price

The firm says the car will cost £154,900 when it goes on sale. You’re very unlikely to see any models that cost this little, however, because almost all will get custom additions along with colour, trim and upholstery options that take their price well above this point.

Aston Martin DB11 release date

Aston Martin says the first DB11s will arrive with their owners towards the end of 2016 – sometime around September or October seems likely.

Aston Martin DB11 latest news (updated February 2016)

Official images of the new Aston Martin DB11’s final exterior design have been leaked. Photos courtesy of carscoops.com appear to be genuine press shots of the British firm’s replacement for the outgoing DB9 ahead of its official launch at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

We’ve already seen grainy spyshots of the DB11’s front and rear (below) but these gorgeous high-res images give us our first glimpse of the luxury GT car in all its glory. It’s clear that the design has been influenced by recent Aston concepts such as the CC100, the exclusive track-only Vulcan and the DB10 that featured in the James Bond movie Spectre.

The contrasting silver roof rails and ‘floating’ rear pillars (the bits connecting the roof to the body) are cues shared with the DBX concept. The fact this wild SUV was recently confirmed for production suggests that floating pillars could be a prominent design theme in future Aston Martin models.

Simple headlight pods contain delicate LED running lights that complement the horizontal lines of the grille while still looking sharp and aggressive. Strong creases in the bonnet and Vulcan-inspired vents behind the front wheels add a certain muscularity to the DB11 that recent, more curvaceous, Aston Martins have lacked.

The rear bodywork features Aston Martin’s signature C-shaped brake lights stretched around a subtle rear spoiler helping to emphasise the DB11’s width. A large rear diffuser and twin exhaust tips recessed into a contrasting black body panel complete a more complex and visually engaging rear than the old DB9.

No images have been released showing the DB11’s interior, although a prototype has been spotted with a large digital display and hardware most likely shared with the Mercedes S-Class. When Aston Martin reveals the DB11 at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show we will have full details and high resolution pictures available.

Aston Martin DB11 (updated 29 February 2016)

French photographer @Rudybenjamin13 has leaked what is thought to be the first image of the Aston Martin DB11’s front end. What’s immediately obvious is that the car features an evolution of Aston Martin’s styling language with the identifiable grille, steeply angled headlights and sculpted bodywork.

Where the car is changed compared to the outgoing DB9 is that all its features have been exaggerated for the DB11. That grille is now wider, taller and more imposing, while the headlights now sit at an even steeper angle and are complemented by bold LED daytime running lights.

We’ve put it side-by-side with the leaked rear shot below to give you the best idea of how the car will look overall. The most obvious change will be the ‘floating’ roof bars finished to contrast with to the rest of the car but, apart from that, it’ll look very similar to existing Aston Martin models. The same long bonnet and bulging rear haunches feature as does the cooling vent on the front wing.

The car is thought to be the first Aston Martin to make use of the firm’s new 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine. This unit is thought to offer in excess of 600hp and significantly more torque than the older non-turbo V12 from the DB9. The turbos will also mean the car uses less fuel when the driver isn’t pushing it – making the car even better at crossing continents.

While previous Aston Martin’s offered the option of a manual gearbox, it’s possible that the new model will be automatic only – reflecting buyers’ habits and the recent advances in automatic gearbox technology. It’s also possible that the car could feature four-wheel drive as an option to give it more all-weather ability. Read on to see all the info and rumours about Aston Martin’s newest model.

Aston Martin DB11 rear shot leaked (updated January 2016)

Dutch website autojunk.nl has leaked what is believed to be an official image of the upcoming Aston Martin DB11 (below). While we can’t be sure if this is what the car will look like, the model shown in this grainy image looks remarkably production ready.

The image only shows the rear and side of the car but we can see a floating roofline, slimmer taillights bisected by the boot spoiler and the familiar huge haunches over the rear wheels – a trademark of the brand. Check out the image below…

Aston Martin DB11 latest info (updated January 2016)

Aston Martin will launch an all-new luxury GT called the DB11 in 2016 to replace the ageing DB9. The British firm has skipped the DB10 because it was used in the James Bond film Spectre. The new model is predicted to be less evolutionary than previous designs and will, instead, showcase new styling cues by the firm while retaining that luxurious ‘Aston’ image.

In addition to new metalwork, Aston Martin is expected to introduce a new turbocharged V12 engine – a first for the company. It’s not yet clear whether the new engine or interior tech comes as a result of the firm’s partnership with Mercedes’ parent company Daimler but a smaller V8 turbo unit is expected to arrive later on thanks to the tie-up.

The DB11 is expected to draw heavily from the DB10’s styling

Aston Martin DB11 styling

While Aston Martins of old have tended to look like succeeding evolutions of the same car, the new DB11 is expected to buck this trend somewhat. It’ll still make use of Aston Martin’s scalable ‘VH’ platform, which underpins the DB9 and Vanquish, but significantly overhauled for the new model. The firm’s readily identifiable grille is expected to feature in a slimmer, more aggressive form.

The DB11 could also take cues from the DBX Crossover Concept

Despite dropping the DB10 name, the DB11 is expected to draw influence from James Bond’s car in addition to the DBX crossover concept. Alternatively, Aston Martin could style it in a similar manner to the Vulcan race car concept that used slim, low-mounted headlights and a gaping grille to look more menacing and sporty than the company’s previous efforts.

Aston Martin’s Vulcan race car concept previewed a styling departure for the brand

However the front end is styled, we expect to see a simplified design down the car’s sides compared to current models with fewer, straighter feature lines leading to a heavily protruding rear wheelarch. Above that will sit strong haunches to hint at the DB11’s performance and LED brake lights at the back will form a striking light signature.

Spy shots reveal the prototype using Mercedes interior components

Aston Martin DB11 interior

Little is known about the DB11’s interior and spy shots courtesy of TopSpeed.com reveal only a work in progress. Interestingly, they show numerous Mercedes parts littering the cabin – an effect of Aston Martin’s partnership with Daimler. Cabin design is among the most expensive elements to develop so it makes sense for the British firm to use technology from Mercedes.

The DBX previewed a surprisingly minimalist design – expect the DB11’s to be more intricate

By the time the finished product arrives, its cabin won’t look like any Mercedes currently on sale. Aston Martin will re-skin every control surface and interior component to separate its new model from Stuttgart’s offerings. This means owners can expect a significantly improved infotainment system compared to Aston Martin’s old unit along with deeper Bluetooth integration, better voice control and possibly digital dials replacing the old instruments.

Aston Martin interiors have always been extremely luxurious

Compared to other high performance brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, Aston Martin has always focussed more on the luxury end of the spectrum. This positioning is unlikely to change for the upcoming DB11 so expect to see upmarket wood, leather and carbon fibre or metal trim featuring prominently throughout the cabin. Like older models, a long sweeping centre console should form a focal point down the middle of the interior.

Aston Martin DB11 driving

There are predicted to be few surprises under the DB11’s bodywork. It’s likely the brand will stick to a front engined, rear-wheel drive configuration – a hallmark of Grand Tourers. Direct steering, relatively heavy controls and excellent body control are all features of previous Aston Martins that should feature on the DB11.

All-wheel drive could feature on a production Aston Martin for the first time

In a somewhat surprising move, no doubt informed by the rivals from Mercedes, Porsche and Audi, the DB11 could be offered with all-wheel drive during its life cycle. The DBX concept of 2015 previewed an Aston Martin crossover and demonstrated the firm’s interest in pursuing an all-wheel drive layout in the future.

Aston Martin will be using turbocharged engines for the first time

Aston Martin DB11 engine

While there should be few surprises in the way the DB11 drives, there will be a more serious departure under the bonnet. In response to rivals’ ever increasing power and performance figures – and ever reducing environmental impact – Aston Martin has revealed in an official video that it will introduce a new twin-turbocharged V12 engine in place of the old non-turbo unit.

The addition of turbos means Aston Martin can offer increased horsepower and torque figures while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy. No official numbers have been confirmed yet but it’s expected that the engine could make in excess of 600hp and around the same lb ft of torque. This could give the DB11 a 0-62mph time of under four seconds and a top speed comfortably over 200mph.

Aston Martin DB11 specs

Like plenty of high end models, Aston Martin isn’t expected to offer many options for the DB11, instead opting to sell all versions in a high specification. In fact, at this end of the car market, it’s more common for customers to specify unique colour, upholstery and trim combinations to make their Aston Martin unique from any other one.

This means equipment including the infotainment system, sat nav, Bluetooth integration, climate control, cruise control and leather upholstery should all come as standard. New additions for the DB11 should include more safety assistance technology – probably from Daimler. These could include automatic emergency braking, lane guidance and road sign recognition.

Aston Martin has confirmed the DB11 nameplate

Aston Martin DB11 price

Compared to the outgoing DB9, the DB11 could cost a little more – reflective of the new engine and technology on board. This means an entry level price comfortably more than £150,000 with top models possibly breaking through the £200,000 barrier.

Buyers who want a little more exclusivity and performance could be offered a model that sits above the DB11 in the future – as the Vanquish sits above the DB9 today. This model will stray well into £200,000 territory to guarantee owners the exclusivity they demand.

Aston Martin DB11 release date

It’s been suggested that Aston Martin is aiming to get the new model into showrooms before the end of 2016. This means we could see the finished production model by September 2016 – possibly at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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