New BMW 5 Series 2017 – price, specs and release date

After months of teasers and spy shots, the new BMW 5 Series has officially been launched. The model has always been a benchmark in its segment for driver enjoyment but the new one aims to add more strings to the car’s bow to bring the fight to the Mercedes E-Class and the Audi A6.

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New BMW 5 Series G30 – styling

The new car’s looks are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Executive cars are a traditionally conservative sector so it makes sense for BMW to not mess with the car’s formula too much. As a result, it still has traditional ‘three-box’ saloon styling in profile, along with the brand’s hallmark ‘kidney’ grilles at the front.

Similar to the 7 Series with which it shares a platform, the new 5 Series’ headlights meet the grille at the front, giving more of a sense of width than the old model. The headlight units feature LEDs as standard with adaptive LED units featuring automatic high beam optionally available.

BMW has worked to reduce the car’s aerodynamic drag, bringing its coefficient down to an impressive 0.22Cd. This brings benefits across the board including lower fuel consumption and reduced wind noise at speed. The most efficient models will feature a grille with louvres that can shut themselves when extra cooling isn’t needed.

New BMW 5 Series G30 – interior

Depending on your point of view, the fact the new 5 Series’ interior is nearly indistinguishable from the more expensive 7 Series’ cabin is either a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless of your position, the new cabin is again an evolution of BMW design rather than a revolution. Material quality looks to be excellent and build quality should be granite-like.

Like other BMWs, the dashboard is angled towards the driver to lend it a cockpit-like feeling. Sat atop the dash is the iDrive infotainment screen that, in our experience with previous BMWs, is the best system of its type so we’ve high hopes for this unit. It also features gesture controls from the 7 Series, allowing occupants to control features with a flick of the wrist. Onboard WiFi also features to keep kids occupied on long journeys.

The cabin promises more space than the outgoing model, especially in terms of rear headroom and all-round elbow and shoulder room. Enhancing the feeling of space is the fact the dash has been lowered compared to the old car, for an more airy feel. In addition, the door openings have been optimised to make it easier to get in and out. Finally, the 530-litre boot gains 10 litres over the old model and has a wider aperture to allow easier loading of items.

New BMW 5 Series G30 – driving and engines

BMW is aiming to cement the 5 Series’ position in the market as the driver’s choice of executive saloon. As before, the car features balanced weight distribution for better turn-in but you can optionally add rear-wheel steering to reduce the low speed turning circle and increase high speed stability. For those living in rural areas, xDrive four-wheel drive is available across much of the range and can be mated to lowered M Sport suspension for the first time.

The biggest selling model is likely to be the 190hp 2.0-litre diesel in the 520d. This model returns 68.8mpg and emits just 108g/km of CO2, yet can sprint from 0-62mph in just 7.5 seconds. Diesel fans after more shove can pick the 3.0-litre straight-six in the 530d – with 265hp, it hits 62mph from rest in 5.7 seconds and averages 60.1mpg. Petrol options include the 2.0-litre 530i with 252hp and the 3.0-litre straight-six 540i with 340hp.

Unsurprisingly, lots of advanced driver assistance tech features in the new 5 Series. Optional adaptive cruise control can be set to follow the car in front at a set distance while speed limit information relays the speed limit to the driver and can encourage them to drive more efficiently. Like the E-Class, buyers can specify a steering assistant that uses the car’s sensors to help keep it in its lane on a motorway at speeds up to 130mph.

New BMW 5 Series G30 – specs

Among the extensive range of technologies offered with the 5 Series, one of the most potentially useful is the car’s ability to park by remote control. This optional system made its debut on the 7 Series and allows the driver to move the car in and out of a space using the touchscreen on the car’s remote control. This joins automatic parking that can steer the car into parallel or bay parking spaces with no driver input.

The car’s body will be offered in 21 different paint colours – presumably most of them on the black/grey/white spectrum – while wheels measuring from 17 to 20 inches can be selected. Soon after the launch of the saloon, an estate model badged Touring will also go on sale offering even more boot space.

New BMW 5 Series G30 – price and release date

The new 5 Series is available to order now priced from £36,025. It’s thought first models should hit the roads in February 2017. Read on for a direct comparison of the old model against the new version.

New BMW 5 Series G30 latest news (updated October 2016)

The all-new BMW 5 Series has been leaked in images courtesy of German Car Forum. These three pictures give us our first chance to see this new executive saloon’s bodywork and interior with no camouflage.

Read on for everything we know about this upcoming Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6 rival, including when it’s expected to go on sale and how much it could cost. If you’ve already picked your perfect new car, use our PCP calculator to get a better idea how much it could cost per month.

2017 BMW 5 Series G30 – styling

The new 5 Series’ styling borrows heavily from the larger 7 Series. Its slimmer headlights and wider grille appear to have been carried over from BMW’s current range-topper while the chrome hockey-stick detail below the doors also makes an appearance.

The new 5 Series sports similarly sharp lines and an equally svelte silhouette as the model it’ll replace but numerous sporty details such as angular exhaust tips and larger air intakes make it look distinctly sportier.

2017 BMW 5 Series G30 – interior

The interior appears to have been carried over almost completely unchanged from the larger 7 Series. A large infotainment system sits above a slick new centre console with redesigned air vents and new chromed trim pieces. The basic layout of the controls, such as the gear selector and BMW’s iDrive controller, has been left untouched, however.

The biggest change in the cabin is BMW’s new ‘multifunction instrument display’ – a digital screen fitted behind the steering wheel in place of traditional analogue gauges. This system should be capable of displaying a combination of dials, sat nav directions and warning messages in a manner similar to Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system.

2017 BMW 5 Series G30 – engines and driving

This new display is expected to form a key part of BMW’s new autonomous driving features. Working alongside a head-up display, this system will allow you to monitor and adjust the car’s self-driving programs at speeds of up to 130mph.

BMW hasn’t confirmed what engines will be fitted to the new 5 Series, but a selection of petrol and diesel units with both four and six cylinders is expected to be offered. The new car will reportedly weigh as much as 100kg less than the outgoing model and should, as a result, be both faster and more efficient across the range.

New BMW 5 Series G30 – price and release date

When this new car goes on sale in early 2017 it’s expected to cost approximately £31,000 for entry-level versions and as much as £55,000 for top-spec models. An M5 variant may be launched later in 2017 – this 600hp super saloon could set you back as much as £75,000.

New BMW 5 Series G30 latest news (updated September 2016)

A promotional video from BMW (shown below), demonstrating the upcoming 5 Series saloon’s advanced autonomous driving technology, gives us our first chance to see the new car’s interior with virtually no camouflage.

The new 5 Series isn’t expected to go on sale until early 2017 but the images below are our best chance yet to see what this all-new executive saloon will look like behind the wheel. Read on for full details…

This new model sports a large infotainment system mounted above the dashboard rather than within the centre console – similar to the current 7 Series. Stills taken from the promotional video, shown above, suggest it has ample room for both a sat nav and second additional display.

Blurred out, but still just about visible, are a pair of air vents, similar in size and shape to those on the current car. The instrument cluster layout appears the same, too, although a large central screen, in place of traditional analogue dials, will relay crucial information to the driver. This feature is expected to work in a similar fashion to Audi’s excellent Virtual Cockpit.

The new 5 Series (left) borrows the current 7 Series’ ‘hockey stick’ trim pieces (right)…

Using buttons mounted on the redesigned steering wheel, the driver can operate the new adaptive cruise control and advanced automated steering functions. These systems, designed primarily for motorway driving, should operate at speeds up to 130mph and will aim to keep you safer and help stave off fatigue on longer journeys.

Another new feature for the 5 Series will be its crossroad warning feature. This system will use a head-up display feature to warn you of upcoming junctions – it will even help you apply the brakes quickly should a car pull out ahead.

New BMW 5 Series price and release date

The new 5 Series is expected to go on sale in the UK in early 2017 – entry-level models should cost approximately £31,000 while top-spec versions could come with a £55,000 price tag. High performance M5 models developing more than 600hp will probably set you back closer to £75,000, however.

New BMW 5 Series latest news (updated September 2016)

Early prototype drives of the upcoming BMW 5 Series replacement have revealed a little of what to expect from this new executive saloon. The new model – codenamed G30 – will arrive at dealerships in mid-2017.

When it launches, it’ll face stiff competition in the form of the new Mercedes E-Class and the upcoming Audi A6. We’ve taken some screenshots from a teaser video BMW’s released ahead of the new model’s launch.

As ever, the new 5 Series will attempt to take the competition by storm, leading the rest of the pack with its sporty driving experience. Alex Meske, head of integrated application driving dynamics for the latest 5 Series said “a BMW must always be the most sporting car of its kind to drive”. First impressions from reports on the prototype suggest the brand has achieved this.

The new 5 Series will arrive with a breadth of engines to choose from, ranging from four-cylinder petrol and diesel units, up to the high performance M5 with an excess of 600hp. Initial drives of the prototype featured a six-cylinder diesel – likely to spawn a number of variants including the 530d, 535d and 550d. The latter will offer some of the M5’s thrills while reaping the benefits of diesel efficiency.

Testers immediately acknowledged the prototype’s weight loss compared to the current model and the benefits it brings to fuel consumption, handling and performance. Shedding around 100kg make sit easier for the car to claim sporting pretensions while maintaining a comfortable ride because the suspension can work more effectively.

While BMWs traditionally cater to buyers after a sportier car, the prototype isn’t short on comfort. It’s said the saloon is easy and intuitive to drive courtesy of carefully calibrated controls. Equally, the car excels in all the important refinement criteria – an important metric for buyers in this segment.

BMW 5 Series price and release date

An estimated price of £44,000 is pegged for the new 5 Series in 530d guise, which is expected to return 58mpg and emit 125g/km – on par with prices for the outgoing model. This means entry-level models could cost around £31,000 with top-spec versions hovering around £55,000 and the M5 nearer to £75,000. It’s expected to go on sale in the first half of 2017.

BMW 5 Series latest news (updated July 2016)

New images courtesy of BMW Blog and PalBay show the new 2017 BMW 5 Series, fitted with upgraded M Sport components, undergoing testing in South Carolina. Read on for full details…

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This car, with its new M Sport package, differs only subtly from the standard 5 Series prototypes we’ve already seen. New alloy wheels have been fitted but their tell-tale M Sport logo is covered by a small piece of black tape. Larger brake discs and upgraded callipers can also be seen.

These images also reveal for the first time how the new 5 Series’ full-LED headlights will look. It’s been reported that laser headlights will be offered as an optional extra when this car goes on sale.

The new 5 Series platform will make use of a number of carbon fibre components to help cut its total mass by as much as 100kg over the current model – this should result in improved fuel economy and better handling. This technology has already been used to put the latest 7 Series on a significant diet and we expect it to feature in numerous BMW models in the future.

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BMW 5 Series price, specs and release date (updated July 2016)

Rumours suggest the new BMW 5 Series launch could be pushed back to the Detroit Auto Show in early 2017. The new seventh-generation model, shown here in images courtesy of AutoEvolution, was expected to be shown to the public at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October, but it’s thought the new X2 SUV will take its place instead.

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The new 5 Series will feature a range of carbon fibre chassis components – similar to the latest 7 Series. This lightweight but incredibly strong material should help increase the new car’s stiffness and reduce its total weight – as a result, it should boast improved handling, faster acceleration and better fuel economy.

It’s been suggested the seventh generation 5 Series will be slightly larger than the outgoing car. Its increased length should contribute to improved front and rear legroom and possibly a more spacious boot, too.

BMW’s intuitive iDrive infotainment system could benefit from new gesture control features allowing drivers to alter settings without touching any buttons or screens. In addition, the new car is expected to come with advanced autonomous driving technology – BMW hasn’t confirmed any official details yet, however.

Rumours suggest the next generation high performance BMW M5 will feature an upgraded 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 capable of producing more than 560hp. This impressive power output could be directed to all four wheels, unlike the current rear-wheel drive only model.

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New BMW 5 Series price, specs, release date (updated July 2016)

More images of the new 2017 BMW 5 Series have emerged via carscoops. These spy shots might be very grainy but they give us a slightly more detailed glimpse at this executive saloon’s rear end. Read on for full details…

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These pixelated images suggest the new 5 Series has taken some design inspiration from the larger BMW 7 Series. The current model’s chunky faceted brake lights appear to have been dropped in favour of rounder, more curvaceous units, while a thin strake runs the full width of the rear bodywork. This feature will probably be painted in a contrasting colour or chrome plated on production models.

The lower bodywork, currently un-camouflaged but painted in a dark grey colour, holds two large chromed exhaust tips. These items are almost certainly cosmetic – smaller conventional exhausts set further back into the rear bumper will probably be visible when the car is officially shown to the public.

The rear reflectors have been moved from just below the brake lights to slightly above the exhaust trims. This new location, combined with their slim design, helps to emphasise the new car’s width, making it look lower and more sporty than the outgoing model. We expect more images to surface as BMW continues to test this new car. Check back for regular updates and new images as they become available.

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BMW 5 Series latest news (updated October 2015)

New pictures of the 2017 BMW 5 Series Touring are circling the internet – along with the first images we have seen of the new executive’s interior – thanks to PAULTAN. The new car will take on the likes of the Audi A6 Avant and new Mercedes E-Class estate.

2017 BMW 5 Series Touring

As with the saloon cars that were spotted testing earlier this year, the new 5 Series Touring is set to get styling that doesn’t stray too far from the current model – in an effort to guarantee strong residuals. What is likely to be most apparent is the car’s increased size.

That comes about thanks to the new model sharing its platform with the recently driven 2016 BMW 7 Series. Rear passenger legroom will doubtless be at the top of the agenda for BMW and we expect some improvement over the current model, which is by no means poor in this area. As its an estate, its sensible to assume that BMW will also be looking to increase on the current model’s load-lugging ability – it has a boot of 560-litres.

The beauty of using the 7 Series as a base is that the new 5 Series is also set to shed around 100kgs in weight. That comes thanks to the CLAR platform’s mixture of high-strength steal, aluminium and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic.

2017 BMW 5 Series interior

With pictures of the exterior of the new Touring came something potentially more exciting – the first images we have seen of the 5 Series model’s interior. We can expect it to follow in the footsteps of the super sumptuous 7 Series and the latest pictures seem to back this up.

While great efforts have been made to hide it in the test car, we can’t fail to notice the 5 Series sports the 7 Series’ simply designed but beautiful looking steering wheel , or the huge infotainment screen that sprouts from the top of the dashboard. Although the new pictures don’t seem to confirm it, the 5 Series is also set to be available with the same digital dashboard that’s fitted to the 7 Series.

With two infotainment screens providing controls for most of the car’s secondary systems, BMW can focus on making the new model’s interior ooze quality. If the 7 Series is anything to go by, that means we can expect to see acres of wood, leather and metal trim. With a new Mercedes E-Class waiting in the wings one thing is for sure – it has to be good.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 latest news (updated 25 September ’15)

An all-new BMW 5 Series is due to hit showrooms in 2017, and two of the most intriguing versions in the lineup look set to be plug-in hybrids.

Known as the 530e and 540e, the pair will make use of four-cylinder 2.0-litre petrol units backed up by an electric motor. The more powerful 540e is set to receive a twin-turbocharged engine with as much as 258hp, which combined with the battery power should yield a total output of 326hp. The hybrid system will endow the pair with strong flexibility by adding a further 184lb ft of torque to the petrol engine’s total.

The 530e will offer a less potent engine, and will be rear-wheel drive only – the 540e is set to use BMW‘s xDrive four-wheel drive system. Both transmit their power through the latest version of the excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox already found across the BMW range.

The next 5 Series is set to benefit from a significant drop in weight thanks to the latest BMW platform will make use of aluminium, high-strength steel and even carbon fibre in its construction to the benefit of both performance and fuel efficiency.

In official tests, the 540e is said to return 134.5mpg. While that figure is unlikely to be matched in everyday driving, a total range of 20 miles in EV mode should ensure that short commutes are covered with only minimal petrol usage. The most obvious rival currently on sale is the Mercedes C350 plug-in hybrid, which matches the expected fuel economy of the BMW.

Practicality shouldn’t be significantly affected by the BMW’s hybrid gubbins – the battery is set to be located beneath the rear seats, with little or no intrusion into the boot.

Prices are yet to be revealed for the hybrids, and will be announced closer to the model’s 2017 release.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 latest news (updated 13 August ’15)

Spy pictures have emerged of the new BMW 5 Series undergoing its latest round of tests ahead of the car’s projected 2017 on-sale date. The model will compete with cars such as the facelifted Jaguar XF and the soon-to-be-revealed new Mercedes E-Class.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 interior

The car looks set to come fitted with a TFT digital instrument binnacle much like the one seen in various Audis, where it’s known as the Virtual Cockpit. As buyers demand increasingly more luxurious interiors, such a system would allow BMW to cut down on the need for conventional buttons, for a clutter-free dashboard swathed in expensive trim finishes.

It also has numerous technical advantages thanks to its ability to perform dual roles – one minute it’s a huge sat-nav screen, before a flick of the switch transforms it into analogue-style instruments. It would combine with a centrally mounted display, much like the one fitted to the current 5 Series, to control most of the car’s systems via BMW’s iDrive control interface.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 styling

If the spy pictures (courtesy of YouTube user Paul Tan) are anything to go by, BMW’s going to sidestep giving its mid-sized saloon a radical re-style, choosing instead to evolve the current car’s looks.

It gets the familiar ‘kidney’ grille design, while the headlight units are raked to add a dose of aggression. Matrix LED technology, which lets the driver use the headlights’ full-beam without blinding other road users, is bound to be offered.

If anything, the car’s sides have been smoothed out to give it a more restrained look, but the company’s hofmeister kink (a design feature used on numerous BMWs through the years) is still present on the lower half of the rear-three-quarter windows.

Meanwhile, a taller boot lid that sweeps up at its edge makes the car look sportier and will feature smaller taillights with eye-catching LED designs. Those rear lights should allow for a bigger boot opening and a larger load capacity than the 520 litres offered by the current model.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 driving

The most radical departure for the new 5 Series will come from the materials used in its construction. As well as the use of high-strength steels, the latest 5 Series is set to feature carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) construction. Utilising knowledge gained while producing the relatively lightweight i3 and i8 electric/hybrid models and the upcoming 7 Series. The upshot is that the new 5 Series is expected to be about 100 kilos lighter than current versions, while being much stronger too. This should contribute towards the new car being faster, more agile and more economical than the one it replaces.

In order to produce one of the safest and most advanced cars on the road, the next 5 Series is likely to feature a range of autonomous driving technology. As with the car’s construction, these systems will be shared with the 7 Series, and will comprise of an anti-collision system, a semi-autonomous “hands off” cruise control, and an automatic parking feature, which negates the need for you to even be in the car!

New BMW 5 Series 2017 engines

The bulk of the new 5 Series range is set to retain familiar (though updated) versions of the current line-up’s four and six cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Joining these models will likely be one or two other interesting choices. A plug-in hybrid is likely to combine a 2.0-litre four cylinder petrol with an electric motor, for a total power output of around 250hp. It should be good for around 20 miles of electric only range – perfect for busy city centre driving.

In order to help BMW lower the overall carbon dioxide emissions of its range, it is highly likely entry-level models will feature 1.5 litre three-cylinder turbo petrol and diesel engines, which are currently found in the 1 Series, 3 Series, and even the MINI. Gearbox choices are likely to include a six speed manual and a nine-speed automatic.

Performance fans will be pleased to hear that there will be a replacement for the M5 on its way. It’s likely to be offered with the option of four-wheel drive, and powered by a development of the current 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, with around 600hp on tap.

New BMW 5 Series 2017 price and release date

Prices for the new 5 Series haven’t been confirmed, but we’d expect them to not deviate too drastically from the £33,000 mark for an entry level model, rising to £75-80,000 for the M5. We expect the car to go on sale next year.

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