BMW M2 CSL price, specs and release date

BMW could be planning to launch the M2 CSL – an even faster, special edition CSL model of its compact M2 coupe. The M2 is already a daunting rival for cars such as the Porsche Cayman GTS and the Audi RS3, and a more powerful, lighter CSL version could give BMW a clear competitive edge.

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The CSL Hommage, shown here right, could serve as inspiration for a future M2 CSL…

New BMW M2 CSL styling

We expect the M2 CSL to draw inspiration from the recently released M4 GTS and the ‘CSL Hommage’ concept of 2015. Both feature aggressive aerodynamic packages to ensure they are stable at speed and stuck to the tarmac when cornering. A large rear wing, carbon fibre front spoiler and redesigned front bonnet dominate the exterior of the M4 while the CSL Hommage is fitted with a radical twin-wing setup and deeply sculpted intakes.

Many of the CSL exterior modifications could be made from unpainted carbon fibre like the M4 GTS rear wing shown here…

It is unlikely that all these extreme features will be present on the M2 CSL but we are confident that a number of functional aerodynamic aids will be fitted to help distinguish it from the standard M2.

New BMW M2 CSL interior

The M2 CSL interior will probably be stripped down to the bare essentials to reflect its racing-car-like abilities and to save as much weight as possible. Removing the rear seats and bolting in carbon-fibre-shelled versions for the driver and passenger removed 62kg from the M4 GTS – we expect BMW to be similarly aggressive when it comes to putting the M2 on a diet.

The CSL could feature a stripped-back interior, similar to the M4 GTS shown here…

The interior will probably be trimmed with swathes of racing-inspired Alcantara on the dashboard and door panels but we don’t expect too many standard features to be removed in pursuit of minimising weight. The BMW iDrive infotainment system, air conditioning and leather seat trim should all reach the M2 CSL.

New BMW M2 CSL engine and driving

Turbocharged engines can suffer from pronounced preignition or ‘knocking’ (mis-timed combustion of the air and fuel mixture). This tends to happen if the pressurised air from the turbo isn’t cooled enough before it enters the engine. BMW has developed a water injection system that works alongside an intercooler to reduce the intake temperature and help to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

It’s possible that a very similar system could be fitted to the 3.0-litre straight six in the the M2. This engine already features a turbocharger and the same lightened pistons as the M4. A water injection system could allow BMW engineers to turn up the power considerably for the CSL – possibly to near 400hp.

A reworked suspension setup focused more towards the track than bumpy backroads will almost certainly feature on the CSL. Stiffer springs and revised shock absorber settings could combine to offer drivers even more responsive handling, albeit at the expense of a little ride comfort.

New BMW M2 CSL price

If the price of the M4 GTS is anything to go by, the M2 CSL will be considerably more expensive than the standard M2, possibly even as much as double the base model’s £44,070 asking price. We will have further details if and when BMW confirms the final model specification, but we’ve already heard of some dealers accepting customer deposits for this as-yet unannounced car.

New BMW M2 CSL release date

BMW hasn’t confirmed whether it will even build an M2 CSL yet, but if a concept version is shown at motor shows in 2016 then we can expect the production version to go on sale in 2017.

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