BMW M760Li xDrive – what you need to know

The BMW 7 Series is already an impressive luxury cruiser but the Bavarian brand has now seen fit to bestow it with utterly ludicrous performance. The new M760Li xDrive is based on the long wheelbase model but adds a bonkers 600hp twin-turbocharged 6.6-litre V12 petrol engine.

This massive engine is shared with the Rolls-Royce Ghost and catapults the M760Li xDrive from 0-62mph in a supercar-baiting 3.9 seconds. Its limited top speed stands at 155mph but an optional M Driver’s package increases this to 189mph – vital for the top-ranking executive with poor timekeeping and access to an Autobahn.

To help manage that power, BMW has equipped the M760Li with xDrive four-wheel drive as standard. In addition, four-wheel steering has been fitted to help make the car more manoeuvrable at low speeds and more stable on the motorway. Rounding off the performance enhancements are gigantic brakes and adaptive suspension.

To mark it out as a special model, it gets a bodykit that includes larger front air intakes, 20-inch alloy wheels and a unique grey finish for the grille and exterior trim. Cast an eye on the underside of the car and you’ll find a performance exhaust complete with a flap that opens to liberate a more emotive sound from the engine.

Inside, passengers are treated to the usual 7 Series opulence, with rear legroom enhanced by the car’s long wheelbase. Leather covers most touch points and you’ll find piano black wood on the centre console and Alcantara on the roof lining. Deep pile floor mats make sure you feel the quality from your head to your toes.

Buyers at this end of the market might want the performance but might not want to shout about it. BMW has catered for this with the M760Li xDrive Excellence model. This trades in the bodykit, unique wheels and grey exterior trim for more understated parts helping the Excellence blend into the background a little better. It even swaps the M760Li badge for a simple ‘V12′.

This flagship 7 Series will do battle with the Audi S8 and Mercedes-AMG S63 meaning a price hovering between £80,000 and £100,000 is likely. It’s expected to arrive at dealers in late 2016.

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