New BMW X2 SUV price, specs and release date

BMW hopes to cash in on the coupe crossover craze with its all-new X2. Images courtesy of Motor 1 give us our best look yet at a prototype undergoing testing before the finished car goes on sale in 2018. Read on for details…

The upcoming X2, left, will be inspired by the X2 concept, right…

Since revealing an X2 Concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, BMW feels confident enough to strip a little camouflage from its prototypes as they undergo cold-weather testing. We can now make out the shape of its kidney grilles and front intakes while its angular headlights and blocky wheelarches are also visible for the first time.

The X2’s more steeply raked rear windscreen is complemented by a strong kink below the rear windows to give it a less slab-sided appearance. Its brakelights still wear a thick layer of camouflage but we can see they’ll sport a similar shape to those fitted to the X1 and come mounted above an equally chunky rear bumper.

BMW hasn’t confirmed what engines will power the new X2 but we’re confident it’ll be offered with the same range of units as the X1. Entry-level front-wheel drive cars are expected to make use of a 150hp 2.0-litre diesel engine while range-topping four-wheel drive models should come equipped with a more potent 231hp diesel. A plug-in hybrid model may also be introduced at a later date.

BMW X2 price, specs and release date

The finished X2 should make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017 and go on sale in early 2018. Expect to hand over approximately £30,000 for an entry-level front-wheel drive model and as much as £50,000 for a range-topping four-wheel drive version.

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BMW X2 price, specs and release date (updated September 2016)

BMW has launched the X2 concept a the 2016 Paris Motor Show. The swoopy coupe-SUV might be badged a concept but we reckon this is pretty close to what the production model will look like.

The high-riding yet low-slung design draws inspiration from BMW’s other coupes. It features strong styling lines running the length of the body while the sloping roof line lends it a sleeker look than the X1 on which it’s based, emphasising its sportier character.

The 21-inch multi-spoke wheels may look the part but are unlikely to make production because they’ll compromise ride comfort and ramp up production and purchase costs. The famous BMW logo is embossed proudly into the C-pillar, just ahead of the stubby rear-end with a short overhang. A twin exhaust is integrated into the grey bumper completing sporty makeover.

The X2’s aggressive stance is enhanced by oversized frontal features compared to the X1. Three air intakes are situated below a gaping, two-piece chrome-edged grille, inspired by the Bavarian manufacturers signature kidney grille. All the features focus the eye to the front of the car mimicking the pointy front ends on older BMWs.

The engine lineup will reportedly mirror the X1’s so a variety of petrols and diesels will be offered. The entry-level X1 gets front-wheel drive and the 18d 2.0-litre diesel with around 150hp. Top-of-the-range models get four-wheel drive and a 231hp diesel. Other likely candidates include the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol from the Mini Cooper S.

Previous spy shots below show a production mule not too dissimilar to the concept above, although the intricately designed wing mirrors are nowhere to be seen, nor is the exhaust-housing rear bumper. The production car will take some design cues from the X2 Concept – but expect a slightly dialled back exterior when the car arrives on dealership floors.

BMW X2 price and release date

The car is expected to go on sale in mid-2017 and be priced from around £30,000. Top-spec could approach £50,000, while a high performance X2M – should it get built – could be closer to £60,000.

BMW X2 latest news (updated September 2016)

New images courtesy of show BMW’s latest X2 prototype being put through its paces ahead of the 2016 Paris Motor show. At this event, the German firm will show a concept car version of its latest SUV coupe that previews what the production model will look like.

This coupe SUV will share both a platform and a number of engines with the X1 on which it’s based. It will, however, aim to compete with the likes of the Range Rover Evoque and, as a result, could cost significantly more than its boxier brother.

The new BMW X2 (right) could boast a sleeker roof than the boxy X1 (left)

The X2 will probably share a front bumper with the X1 but its roof and rear end will be dramatically different – as shown in our exclusive render, above. In these images, the prototype boasts a more steeply raked rear windscreen and slimmer side windows than the X1 while its rear bumper and brake lights have been redesigned. This new car reportedly features a split rear boot lid that will allow just the glass area to be opened in tight spaces.

The X2 is intended to be a more performance-oriented model than the current X1 and, as a result, could feature more aggressive styling including new side skirts, alloy wheels and multiple exhausts. The X2 prototype in these images wears heavy camouflage, however, making discerning any specific details difficult.

We don’t expect the new X2’s interior to differ significantly from that of the X1, shown here…

The X2’s interior will be almost identical to the most recent X1. The full-width trim piece, characteristic instrument cluster and large infotainment screen are all expected to feature on the new car. The X2 won’t boast quite the same levels of passenger headroom or luggage capacity, however, thanks to its lower roofline and restyled rear end.

When it goes on sale, this coupe SUV will be offered with a several engines including three and four-cylinder petrol units and a number of diesel options. A six speed manual gearbox will be offered alongside an eight-speed automatic system. Entry-level models will come with front-wheel drive only – customer looking for a four-wheel drive SUV will be catered for by higher-spec xDrive versions.

Following a Paris Motor Show appearance, BMW is expected to put the new X2 on sale in mid 2017. Entry-level models will cost approximately £30,000 while range topping versions could set you back close to £40,000.

BMW X2 latest news (updated April 2016)

BMW has been spotted putting camouflaged X2 crossover prototypes through their paces. These images from Motor Authority give us our first look at the car BMW hopes will steal attention from the likes of the Mercedes GLA. Read on for full details and images of this X1-based SUV…

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New BMW X2 styling

Spy shots suggest the X2 might not share the same coupe-like roofline of its larger X4 and X6 brothers. The curves beneath its heavily camouflaged panels put us in mind of a beefed up 1 Series hatchback more than a svelte coupe-SUV. We expect the X2 to boast an aggressive front end, especially in M Sport guise.

The X2 cabin could borrow elements from the X1 interior, shown here…

New BMW X2 interior

It’s expected that the X2 will share the majority of its interior design and technology with the X1. The cabin should be both well-built and attractive, with a large infotainment screen mounted on the dashboard and the excellent iDrive controller on the centre console. BMW will likely usher in a new interior design language in the near future to compete with Mercedes and Audi, but we don’t expect it to debut on the X2.

The X2’s cabin should be reasonably spacious thanks to a fairly conventional roof line – the rear headroom certainly shouldn’t be as compromised as it is in the more curvaceous X4. The X1 has a boot capacity of 505 litres and, while we don’t expect the X2 to match this, it should be on a par with the Mercedes GLA’s 481-litre load space.

New BMW X2 driving and engines

The X2 will share the same underpinnings as the BMW X1, itself based on the same chassis used in the 2 Series Active Tourer and Mini Countryman. This front-wheel-drive platform has been very well received by critics so we’ve no reason to think the X2 will be anything less than excellent to drive.

The X1’s selection of efficient and reasonably powerful four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines should be carried over for the X2. A six-speed manual gearbox is likely to be standard on most models with customers able to specify both an eight-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive as optional extras. Although a hybrid model is unlikely, a line-up of three-cylinder engines, borrowed from Mini, could feature at some point in the future.

New BMW X2 prices

We expect entry-level X2 models to be priced at around £30,000 to sit between the £27,000 X1 and the £33,000 X3. Top spec M Sport versions are likely to edge toward the £45,000 mark.

New BMW X2 release date

The current crop of images seems to suggest the X2 isn’t too far away from completion. It’s possible a pre-production model could be shown at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October but it’s more likely we’ll have to wait until the 2017 Geneva Motor Show to see the finished car in the metal.

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