We reveal the UK’s top 10 car-inspired baby names

Like them or not, cars have become an ever-present part of modern life. Their ubiquity means it’s hardly surprising that some models have become cultural symbols. Songs such as Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette’ and Nelly’s ‘Hey Porsche’ show that a car can mean more to us than simply a means of transport.

Could a car mean so much to you that you even name your own child after it? Some might baulk at the idea but, for plenty of Brits, it’s a tempting proposition. We asked 1,000 UK adults if they, or someone they knew, had named their child after a car and, if so, what car. Here are the top 10…

Top 10 UK car-inspired baby names

1. Mercedes
2. Porsche (including Porsha and Portia)
3. Austin
4. Bentley
5. Aston
6. Mini
7. Morris
8. Elise
9. Jensen
10. Harley

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mercedes came out on top. The brand name comes from the daughter of Karl Benz’s early distributor and has come to symbolise peerless luxury, absolute quality and effortless desirability. Parents are obviously hoping to instil these values in their children because it’s the most popular UK choice.

In fact, most of the names on this list are either from a luxury brand or a marque with an important historical connection to Britain. This explains the presence of Porsche, Bentley and Aston (Martin) alongside names such as Austin, Morris and Jensen – all historic British brands.

Despite being a UK list, Harley – like legendary US motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson – came in tenth. Another brand much more popular in the US that narrowly missed out on this UK list was Lexus with 0.4 per cent of respondents claiming to know one.

Capri, disappointingly, didn’t quite make the top 10

Other names such as Ford, Kia, Clio, Polo, Capri, Corsa, Chevy, Rover, Astra and Chrysler featured further down the list. We’ll admit, however, we’re glad not to have encountered anyone named Renegade, Phantom or Jimny during the survey.

So plenty of Brits, it turns out, are happy to name their humans after cars, but what human names do we call our cars? Read the results of our last survey where we asked 1,000 Brits what pet names they had for their cars.

What next?

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