Could the new Citroen C5 be an SUV?

The Citroen C5 has been with us since 2001 but now this comfortable if slightly eccentric executive saloon is due to be replaced by a brand new model suggests Citroen’s CEO. Mutterings also suggest this new model won’t be a saloon but a larger SUV.

Citroen has made huge strides in developing its DS branding with models such as the DS3, DS4 and DS5 but a replacement C5 probably won’t share the same high-end, boutique design character as its style conscious siblings and could even be developed as an SUV.

It’s possible that Citroen concepts such as the C4 Cactus M and ‘Aircross’ (top photo) could preview features and trends that’ll shape the new C5. A more minimalist interior which includes only what drivers and passengers need, rather than a dashboard festooned in buttons is something we can expect to see in the new car.

Cars like the radical C4 Cactus show us that Citroen isn’t afraid to push the boundaries so the suggestion it might move the C5 towards the popular SUV segment implies Citroen wants to take brave steps to develop the brand further. While unlikely to be badged DS, we expect it to take some styling inspiration from the DS Divine concept, below.

Citroen’s made it clear the new C5 will not be a budget offering. It intends to target mainstream consumers and has dismissed suggestions that the new car will compete with low-cost options from brands such as Dacia. CEO Linda Jackson said “It is not about getting down to a car with nothing in it. It is about having in the car exactly what makes sense”.

New Citroen C5 SUV price and release date

The prospect of such a car is certainly intriguing but we’ll probably have to wait until at least 2017 before we see a brand-new C5 in Citroen showrooms. It’ll be going up against the likes of the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia when it hits the road so should cost between £20,000 and £30,000.

Save money on your Citroen C5

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