Get bang for your buck with the most expensive Range Rover ever

You’d struggle to describe a standard Range Rover as cheap, but the new Holland & Holland edition has become the most expensive version ever made by a country mile.

It’s been created as a collaboration between Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations and Holland & Holland, the sporting rifle manufacturers.

This uber-opulent vehicle features upgrades that reflect the design and heritage of Holland & Holland’s guns and lets Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations department show off a bit.

It comes in the gunmaker’s own shade of green and features Holland & Holland badging on the boot lid and door kick-plates.

The most interesting feature, however, can be found in the back. Open the boot and a fancy aluminium cabinet trimmed with leather and espresso-coloured Alcantara is revealed. It’s been specially designed to fit snugly to transport a pair of the owner’s finest Holland & Holland guns. Clay pigeons everywhere – tremble with fear.

When the owner’s finished his or her outdoor pursuits, they can pull the lower floor of the cabinet out – which has been designed to be sat on – so they and a friend can enjoy an impromptu picnic al fresco. The cabinet takes up some of the boot space but can be removed if more cargo room is needed.

This special edition is based on the long-wheelbase Range Rover, so the standard-fit executive seat package makes the most of the extra 186mm of legroom and additional 17 degrees of recline over the standard car. Up front, the centre console has been trimmed in walnut veneer to resemble the stocks of Holland & Holland’s guns.

The veneer comes from one solid 1.5×0.5m piece of sustainably sourced Walnut to make sure all the pieces in each car are perfectly matched.

What powers it?

Powering this extravagant leviathan is the cream of the Range Rover engine crop. Diesel buyers can select the 4.4-litre SDV8 with 334hp, but those seeking a faster way to spend vast sums of money can choose the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol with 503hp. Whether under the bonnet or in the boot, you get plenty of firepower.

How much will it cost?

Lots – this is, after all, the most expensive car that Range Rover makes. The manufacturer has suggested a retail price of £180,000 for the vehicle and is only planning to make 40 models per year for three years. Want the luxury of a Range Rover but don’t have the extra cash or ammunition? Check out our review and deals on the standard Range Rover below.

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